Thursday, June 26, 2008

What's wrong with "humane" animal products?

Peaceful Prairie has put out a wonderfully written piece that illustrates what is wrong with the "humane" animal products that are growing in popularity lately. It's called "Letter From A Vegan World" and is available in english and spanish. They also have a really great video, "The Faces Of Free Range Farming" that reveals how inhumane these industries really are. I highly recommend both of these!

I'd also like to thank Peaceful Praire for the ad they placed in the LA Times. Please check out their website, blog and Go Vegan Now! sites for recipes, free vegan starter kits, stories about the animals at the sanctuary and a ton of great information.

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bronnie said...

As a nutritionist, I am constantly telling people how organic meat, eggs and dairy aren't much better than commercially-raised. Good to know the word's getting out on this in general.