Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Great Vegan Etsy Give-Away: Summertime!

*** As of August 1, this giveaway is officially closed. Make sure to check back soon for the next exciting Vegan Etsy Team contest, and all of our other great blog features!***

Every month or two, the Vegan Etsy Team hosts a give-away challenge that awards a prize pack of vegan samples from its team members.


Start: Now

End: July 31st

The Prize:
a vegan etsy team sampler pack full of handmade goodies contributed
by veganetsy team members.

• In a comment on this blog post, tell us about your favorite summer activity. What do you like to do, and why? Who with? Do your animal companions come along? What great vegan treats do you snack on along the way? But wait, here's the tricky part:

• Go to and search for items that are tagged with **"veganetsy team"**. Find one item that goes with, reminds you of, or represents your summertime activity. Anything you could take with you or remember the day by is fair game - just tell us why it fits! Please include a link to the item in your comment so we can all see how awesome it is.

• Each person can only respond 1 time for 1 entry into the drawing. (But blog followers get double entry!!)

• All contestants will be assigned a number. These numbers will be placed into a random generator at the end of the contest to determine the winner.

• Please note you must have contact information! We can't make you the winner if we can't get in touch with you. If you do not have any contact information in your user profile, please include an email in your comment where you can be contacted to inform you of your winnings.

**Not sure if this was unclear in some way, but we've had a couple of erroneous entries now so just to make doubly sure: entry items must come from Vegan Etsy Team member shops, and thus will have the "veganetsy team" tag. Thanks!

This contest's prize grab bag is sponsored by a number of our fantastic team members, including the Vegan Etsy Team Shop, Uber Duper Creations, Starrlight Jewelery, Veganessa, Pinkbubble Designs, and more!


melissa bastian. said...

I love the sunshine in the summer, but I get way too hot! So one thing I like to do is make homemade popsicles. Frozen fruit, fruit juice, and just a dash of agave nectar mixed up with my immersion blender does the trick just fine, and there's pretty much endless variation! I love My Zoetrope's print Ms Cici goes to the beach - not only is she a popsicle, but she reminds me of the other thing I'm dying to do this summer: get down to Coney Island!

Vegan Girl (Roni Seabury) said...

I love taking hikes in the summer with my dogs. I have a fold up bowl so the dogs can drink fresh water out of it. Trails start right outside my back yard so we hike down to the lake where the ducks swim. I have to keep Sadey on a leash because she like to chase the ducks, that naughty girl. So this picture by 3am Art Productions reminds me of those fun hikes in the woods by the lake,

Crystal said...

I love riding my bike around town with my boyfriend, Chris. We recently moved to a town where bike trails are very popular! It's exhilirating, and such great exercise. We usally bring water and some fruit for a quick snack! Not very fancy vegan food, but it works! Our kitten isn't able to come with us :( which sucks, but is for the best! safety wise, that is. Anyways, the item that most reminds me of our bike trips is the Lilac cameo hairpin, by pinkbubble[]=tags&includes[]=title
It remids me of my crazy hair flowing in the wind, and how I always have to fasten back with some type of pin!

robin said...

This summer is all about becoming Grandparents for the first time! (YAY!) We're hitting the flea markets hunting for great baby items. We take the dog along, and he's lovin' it! I love ETSY and have found some wonderful baby items here. I can't WAIT![]=tags&includes[]=title

MsChoiceAlways said...

I love to rock at outdoor summer concerts with my partner-in-life, because it is so much fun to dance and scream out the lyrics at the top of our lungs! If there's a kettle corn stand at the event, I like to stock up while we enjoy the opening act. I'd love to also pack along a box of redbikebakeshop's vegan chocolate chip cookies for the road. Yum!

Vegiegail said...

My favorite summertime activity is heading for the mountains to go camping and hiking. Being surrounded by nature, the fresh woodsy scent, the waterfalls, the animals, and the beauty of nature is so miraculous.

I always pack a cooler filled with my favorite flavors of So Delicious coconut milk ice cream, as a well-earned treat after a long hike.

I used to bring my dog Cicily with me on these trips, and it was so much fun watching her explore her new surroundings. She was the perfect camping and hiking partner, and now that she is gone, I miss her terribly on these trips.

These gorgeous polymer clay beads by Continuum Designs most remind me of the fields of wildflowers I often see on my hikes. If I close my eyes, I can just imagine Cicily romping through such a field right now.

vegiegail at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

My favorite summer activity is snorkeling/diving and always with my very own dive master, my hubby. I love to see creatures that I would normally not get a chance to because they live in the depths of the ocean. No matter how many times I dive, it is always a new adventure, and it helps me to appreciate the beauty and fragility of the seas and its species. We normally snack on fruit because it helps soothe your mouth after taking in bits of salt water during the excursion. Our companion animals, more like our kids (hehe), are 2 lovely bunnies. They don't enjoy being immersed in water like we do, but their playfulness sometimes ends in their bedroom being (they run around freely)splashed with water from their bowls!
I chose this mermaid because of my deep connection to the ocean. Mermaids remind me of my passion and commitment to the sea and sea creatures. Interestingly enough, I always dreamed of becoming one when I was a little girl and diving is as close as it gets me there ;)

GreenDiva said...

My two rescues love to go for walks along the river. But in the summer it is too hot to go in the evening. So we walk at daybreak. Its a 40 minute walk round trip and even though we walk first thing in the morning it is still warm. At the half way point there is a nice spot where they can go into the river with a sandbar I can sit on and they can play and romp in the water. They greatly look forward to these walks. And are noticeably distraught when they don't get to go on them daily.
I bet the apple treats would make them love the daily excursions even more. They love apples almost as much as their walks. But I can't give them apples because the seeds contain arsenic. So I think these treats would be an excellent substitute:[]=tags&includes[]=title

Shell said...

This summer is all about preparing to get married! My fiance and I have been together for 8 fabulous, fun years but this year we're finally taking the plunge. I love all the handmade vegan products that I use in the shower and at night/in the morning to make my skin glow for my wedding day! I bet that this Illuminesce serum from Spagoddess will make me extra glowy on the big day!

melissa bastian. said...

So many great summer stories and activities, and so many great choices!! Shell - I'm sorry to say that the item you chose, while vegan, did not come from a member of the Vegan Etsy Team. But so many congratulations on your big day!! I'm positive that you can find tons of great stuff to get you ready for the wedding in team members' shops. I totally feel your excitement - I was just married in March! (And, I also live in Astoria! Such a small world sometimes.)

Veganosaurus said...

Next week I'm traveling to California and will be spending many summer weeks there. I'm really looking forward to my daily summer ritual of dunking my self into the bathtub at our hotel room, sitting there for hours and eating a big bowl of turtle mountain purely decadent ice cream for added effect. Different flavor everyday of course!
I'm thinking that these Indulgent Bath Soaking Salts (Almond and Ginger scented) from soapwallakitchen would go along perfectly with my self pampering intentions.

mvegan said...

I love putting my feet in the sea, and relaxing in the shade with a good book and maybe an iced soy latte and some nice cold fruit... I always love vegan chocolate chip cookies too, anytime at all.... I would LOVE to eat these at the beach, or anywhere... really... :)[]=tags&includes[]=title

mvegan said...

Oh, ps- I love going to the beach with my husband, and when we were fostering him, our foster seeing eye pup, Whiskey, who is now in training :)

radioactivegan said...

I love climbing trees, and even more in the summer when the leaves are soft and green! I'd love to have this bracelet:[]=tags&includes[]=title

One- because it is beautiful, and two- because I hug trees every day!

Stockannette said...

Can eating fresh Indiana sweet corn be considered an "activity?" I think so - and that's our favorite summertime activity. It's better than any old grocery store corn, and I understand that people outside of Indiana think "corn" obsession is nuts... but it's only because you haven't tried it! You barely have to dip it in hot water, and salt is optional. This reminds me of why my family and friends don't eat corn the whole rest of the year:

Chris said...

I love the bon voyage/buen viaje/good journey cards at Merry Blues Art:

They perfectly capture the spirit of summer travel!

Anonymous said...

My fave thing to do during the summer is travel! Whether it's acrocss the state or across the world, count me in! The more the merrier and if I can bring my adorable kitties, even better! These cookies are the perfect treat to have, sweet and salty, and a real pick-me-up when paired with some ice cold green tea. Yum.


Anonymous said...

My fiance and I are both high school teachers so we get the opportunity to relax for a good amount of the summer. With all the extra time we have, we do a lot of experimenting in the kitchen. I have quite the sweet tooth so we have baking parties regularly. We tend to take the fruits of our labor out to the park by the bay or to the beach.

MMM these look very similar to our own:[]=tags&includes[]=title

And here we are![]=tags&includes[]=title


HeyitsBeth said...

My favorite summertime activity is sampling all the summer fruits! I go absolutely nuts at the farmer's market. This lovely strainer :[]=tags&includes[]=title
Reminds me of just that. Luscious cherries and strawberries come to mind by just seeing it. Mmmmm....

Lauren said...

I love to go bike riding in the summer time! The below Cucumber Soap would be the perfect accessory to the post bike-ride shower as I love to take cucumber-infused water with me (along with mini clif bars, home-made granola, and trail mix).[]=tags&includes[]=title

Robyn said...

My bike is super awesome and her name is Maude. In the summer Maude and i like to bike all over Van city and are getting bolder about where our adventures take us. Yesterday it was over a bridge, to a vegan restaurant for takeout, and then off to the beach![]=tags&includes[]=title

Angela said...

My favorite summer activity is gardening with my mother. I love flowers, everything about them fills me with joy. In addition to gardening, summer gives me a chance to wear great floral prints and accessories in bright colors. These earrings caught my eye right away, I have a few pairs like this and wearing them gives me the great feeling I get when planting flowers in my garden.[]=tags&includes[]=title

Vegan Soap Kitchen said...

i like to take walks w/ my new rescue dog emma, she is the sweetest doggie every! this wonderful pet charm reminds me of those walks

it would be awesome to have attached to her collar!

vegan soap kitchen

Shanon said...

I love to take solo walks. It helps me work up a sweat. This soap would help me to clean up after a long walk![]=tags&includes[]=title

Christine said...

In the summer, I am all over the farmers' market. I love seeing all the different foods come in every week, and I get to talk to all my farmer/orchard friends. I used to have CSA share but it was too much food for just me to eat (husband hates veggies, bah!), but my farmer also has a stand at the market. It is my Saturday morning ritual from June to November!

I would choose this because the carrot is worried because I will eat him and all his little friends:[]=tags&includes[]=title

However, I really wanted to include this because I want to stuff it all in my mouth:[]=tags&includes[]=title

c dot e dot banks at gmail dot com!

TheIDConnection said...

For me living at the beach I love to take my Dog "Little Man Zeus" to the beach with me. He chases the seagulls, the waves and pretty much anything moving!
Popping a Squat in my most relaxing beach chair and taking in the good old sunshine is what does it for me!
So come on down to Galveston Island and enjoy a nice relaxing day at the beach.

Hazel Ward said...

Sneaking in under the wire, I hope :D

I chose this by asacco9642- which coincidentally has 'Summer' in the title, but that's not why I picked it. I picked in because lemonade and strawberries are a great sunny afternoon treat, and really evokes the freshness of Summer; I imagine these cookies encapsulate that feeling.