Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Electric Vegan Rainbow!

Check out our new Vegan Etsy team treasury - it's called Electric Rainbow!

Be sure to visit our treasury over on Etsy and leave a comment to support our team, thanks!!! :)

-Kala (Vegancraftastic)


melissa bastian. said...

Sooooo perdy! I heart color.

Anonymous said...

Mmmm Papa tofu we so need to make stuff out of that!!! And the lil moster is soo cute!!

Kintique said...

Ahh I wish I was included. I make Vegan Soy Candles and pour them into recycled wine bottles or jars.

melissa bastian. said...

Hi Knitique! If you are vegan and run an all vegan shop on Etsy, we'd love to have you on the Vegan Etsy Team! Your candles sound awesome. There's info about the team and how to apply in the blog sidebar. :D