Friday, October 19, 2012

Vegan Halloween Tips

Halloween is a wonderful holiday for us, regardless of our age. We have fond memories of candy, costumes and parties from our own childhood and seek to share and create these memories for our children.

We stop and pause though.. what do we do when 99.9% of all the 'good' candy on the market contains milk and parents toss away homemade candy?
I have a solution I would like to share! I have started making my own little goodie bags to pass out at Halloween.
Some things you can do to make a vegan goody bag for your trick or treaters and school class parties:

 Coloring Pages
Surf the web for free Halloween coloring pages, revise the images to the size of an ACEO -3.5 x 2.5 inches- lay them out (fit 8 to one page of paper) print them out and tuck them in a goody bag.

If you are giving out coloring pages why not add some crayons! You can get a pack of basic colors of crayons for .50 cents at most stores. Peel the wrapper off all the crayons, heat a butter knife and cut each crayon in halves or thirds and sharpen a point on each new section.

sticker packs are very easy to come by! Halloween stickers are always great but for more 'bang for your buck' you can get a teachers sticker pack at most craft stores. By doing a teachers pack of stickers you are not only getting more sticker for your money but you are also engaging in positive reinforcement as teachers stickers always have such awesome positive messages on them! cut up the sticker sheets as you see fit for your goodie bags.

Toys are always great! Packs of vampires teeth, spider rings, kaleidoscopes, you name it. Almost all party stores sell these in bulk and are a Halloween favorite.

Be creative and have a happy and safe Halloween ~
♥ Vegan Etsy Team

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