Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Review- Belle Sirota and Aguavino

I don't spend a huge amount of time in my car, but it's nice to have a few extra things in it that make me smile. My beetle has a little vase next to the steering wheel, so when Belle Sirota joined the team, I knew I had found the flower that I wanted to put in it. She was very accomodating, making me a custom flower of the size and colors I wanted. The result was a gorgeous flower made out of beads that sparkle when the sun hits them. My mom loved it so much that I ordered a second one for her beetle, only in colors to match her car. They were both perfect and the service was exceptional!

The second item I got was from Aguavino. We had just come home from a road trip to Boulder, where I had fallen in love with the prairie dogs that were by one of the dog parks we went to. Well, as soon as I saw that she had listed a necklace with a prairie dog on it, I had to have it. The necklace now hangs on my rearview mirror and I have named the prairie dog Myrtle. As with Belle Sirota, my experience with Aguavino was perfect. I would definitely recommend both of these stores!

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Anonymous said...

The flower looks great there, what a cheerful addition. Shes really talented, beaded flowers take quite a bit of skill!!