Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Team Events- Please join in!!

There are several things that we have come up with for the team to do. Below you'll find a list of them along with links to the threads on the message board about them. Please check everything out and participate in the ones that you can!

First of all, there are four events that we'd like to see what kind of participation we could get before getting them rolling. Please vote in the poll about what things you'd like to participate in (please only vote if you'll actually do it!) and feel free to comment or ask questions about any of it in this thread. The four events are:

Selling promo items in our team shop- This would be a lot like The Little Black Box, but the purpose of it would be raising money for our team so that we can buy ads, promotional materials or anything else we would like. Members would send promotional items (and their business cards) to me and I would list them. Unless if they were larger items that are worth more, I would put a bunch of the items together and sell them as a "Vegan Etsy Sampler". I was also thinking that we could do the same for the cookbook that we're doing with CFE & EtsyVeg. I'll front the cost for several cookbooks and when they sell, the profits will go to the team.

Holiday gift exchange- This is for fun and building our team's community, which is mighty important! Members that are participating will send their info for the exchange into the person running it and that person will randomly pick people for each other. It will be completely anonymous until everyone gets their holiday gift from their person. We will have a $$ cap on what everyone can spend (to keep it affordable for everyone) and there will be a deadline for when you need to send your gift out to your recipient. This is basically a secret santa type of thing.

Team promo swaps- Whoever is participating would be split up into even groups (with groups consisting of about 5 people). Each person in the group has to send the rest of the people in their group 10 promotional items. You could use the items to put in your packages to customers to help support your fellow team members.

Trade for review- This is basically like the holiday gift exchange except that you would be writing a review about the person that sent you stuff and the review would be posted on our blog. We would have a $$ cap on this, too. This would be a great team builder and would really help to build our team's cohesiveness!

We also have several things going on that you can get involved in:

World Farm Animals Day Promotion- October 2 is World Farm Animals Day, so Vegan Etsy will be doing a team promotion. The way this promotion works is that those members who want to participate will decide on what kind of promotion they want to do within their own shop. This can be a sale, offering free shipping, buy one get one free, giving a large percentage of purchases to an animal charity, etc.. You decide what you want your own promotion to be. We will have the promotion last for one week, during which time you will have the promotion in your shop with an announcement for it in your shop's intro about what the promotion is and why you are doing it. The promotion will be posted about her along with a list of all participating shops. Members also help to spread the word as much as possible. The promotion is taking place from October 1st through the 7th. Details can be found here.

The Little Black Box- This is taking place in January, but if you're going to be in it you need to let Kim know as soon as possible. It's a really great thing that will give your store and the team a ton of exposure. We're also the sponsor of the month on The Little Black Box site, which will give us even more exposure. A big thank you to Starrlight Jewelry's husband for paying for the sponsorship! Details can be found here and here.

Team Games & Challenges- These are ongoing, monthly events that are announced on a regular basis. You have the chance to win prizes in them! Details can be found here and here. The September challenge just started yesterday, so please check it out here!

Team Cookbook- This is something we're doing in collaboration with CFE & EtsyVeg. If you're interested in submitting a recipe, please go here for details. All recipes in the cookbook will be vegan, of course. :)

Food Not Bombs Raffle Basket- Holistically Heather is putting together a basket to raffle off for Food Not Bombs. She needs donations for the basket as well as ideas on where to raffle it off. Please let her know if you will donate and share any ideas with her here.

Getting Fit & Healthy Support Group- Yup, that's right! I started this thread for those of us that want to make big or small changes to improve or maintain their fitness and health. It's technically not an event, but it is a group activity that can benefit anyone who wants to be involved. All you need to do is post in the thread whenever you have something to say!

As always, I'm accepting any recipes, reviews, news pertaining to your shop or the team and interviews to be posted here. We also have this thread for anyone who wants to give a member discount in their shop or is willing to trade. I'm also looking for a new team banner. If you'd like to make one, please see this thread for details.

There's a lot more going on at the message board, so please check in as much as you can. We'd love to see you there!

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