Monday, November 3, 2008

Review- Starrlight Jewelry

The following was written by Heather of Holistically Heather, For The Love Of Vegan and Recycled Cycle.

Trade cookies for jewels hah

I hadnt done a trade in a while so when Starrlight Jewelry contacted me about one I was stoked. We decided to trade 2 different batches of my cookies, for 3 of her beautiful necklaces. As always the photos on the internet never do artsy items justice. The necklaces I received are gorgeous, and were nicely shipped in a little jewelry box and tied with a ribbon.
The first necklace is called "Amber and Honey" and as soon as I opened it my grandmothers eyes lit up...she simply loved it. Her birthday is in November and I guess it is her birth stone color, so I tried to play it off like I knew that, and she is a happy little old lady with a beautiful necklace now.
"Moonlight" When I saw this necklace I knew that I had to have it,and I knew exactly who it was meant for! My sister that just had her first child is a very classic beauty, really into old actresses and movies. She even named my niece after Audrey Hepurn. Her birthday is also in November, its crazy how these things all fall into place!
"Purple Passion Heart" Last but definately not least is this gorgeous somewhat gothic looking necklace that I knew would be perfect for Jessi, my model, best friend, and closest companion. Jessi wears a lot of meaningful jewelry, and I thought I could add a beautiful piece like this to the collection for her! These are some really beautiful pieces handcrafted by a fellow vegan etsian!

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