Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tips for Shop Owners

A Vegan Etsy Team Member Compilation Of Handy Shop Tips For Etsy Shop Owners and a list of places to advertise you shop ♥


Load your shop. Having a large number of items in your shop will be your #1 traffic driver.

Keep your shop announcement short and sweet, people want to see photos load as soon as they click your site

Having sections in your shop, keeps it neat and easy to navigate. No one wants to go through 392 pair of earrings to find the necklace they want etc.

In your profile make the shoppers feel at home, make them feel like they are getting to know you. But don't get too personal, there is a happy medium..

List store policies payments accepted, shipping methods, return policies. The more detailed your policies are the better. Have them outlined in an easy to read forum and give enough information that buyers will be comfortable with purchasing from you.

Make sure your photos are crisp and clear, do your best anyway

Don't take photos on the floor, some people have allergies and that will turn them away immediately

No clutter in the background, keep it neat and clean looking!

Show the texture of hand knit items and get really close using macro setting for jewelry too

Most people don't like to see earrings in real ears before they buy them

Mention in your shop if you have critters in your house, some shoppers have pet allergies.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE mention if you smoke, or there are smokers in your house, it is really upsetting to get something that smells like an ashtray

Make sure to list measurements in the listing if there are measurements

Make a nice little description, give some background, maybe a fun story of a small and sweet poem in each description

Use all 14 of your tags!
describe your items as well as possible. Mention all aspects of it correctly, colors, content and even size. The more the merrier, but be sure they are all accurate as misleading tags can really turn off some buyers. Here is an Etsy tutorial on using tags:

If you ship internationally mention that in your shop announcement, tag international or worldwide shipping, and make sure you have your shipping options set up so people don't have to wait for an email in order to buy if they are from a different country

Make sure you list your state and country, this gives people an idea of shipping times

Send a thank you email when someone orders, that little courtesy goes a long way and makes people feel appreciated

Include business cards in your packaging, and maybe small gifts

Email people to check to see they liked the item if they still haven't left feedback after a while, it usually gets them to remember to leave feedback

Start a blog, do giveaways, twitter, myspace, check out and participate in forums and chat

If you do trades, customization and reserves, mention that!

Create Social network profiles that are established *just* for your etsy shop. Pick or create a layout for these sites that is very elegant and stylish. You want the profiles to represent in reflection your style. Add people to your friends list that are like minded in crafting and style.

Create a flickr account to upload your product pictures to. Find picture groups that are like minded with work and love.

An attractive avatar. When you heart another shop your avatar is visible to anyone that looks into "who hearts this shop". An attractive and eye catching avatar will provide more trace-backs to your shop for exploration.

Renew items. This brings your shop name to the top of the list in seller searches, your items to the top of ALL item searches.

A list of places you can advertise:

Paid Advertisements:

Sampler Sites
http://www.vegancraftsamples.com - run by VeganEtsy Team Member holisticallyheather

http://www.mommysamplebox.com - Mother & Child Related Items Only
http://www.lemmingcentral.com/sampler_boxes.html - Bath and body and Candles Only

Advertising Tips Sites

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