Friday, December 18, 2009

Cuter than a puppy, even.

There's a breed of omnivore which likes to "confront" me about my veganism by telling me that the only reason I don't eat animals is that they're cute. This is entirely untrue - there are many, many reasons not to eat animals without even breaching how amazing the animals themselves are. *However.* Animals are so freaking cute! Exhibit A: Kingsford The Pig.



Taryn said...

Oh my GOSH, precious!

Even if you didn't eat them because they're cute and that was your sole reason... who cares? You DON'T EAT THEM, that's the point! :)

<3 ohdanger

mvegan said...

um, adorable!!!!! :0) Thank u to all who give compassion to our animal friends, including the piggies!!! Michele

VJESCI said...

melissa bastian. said...

To VJESCI... that may be the most random blog post I have ever seen. :)