Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Win a Vegan Craft Sample Bag- 2 ways to win! Giveaway on vegan etsy

Just posted a new giveaway on our facebook page this morning, all you have to do is tell us what your favorite vegan food is!
Yep its that simple, favorite vegan food and you are entered to win a vegan craft sample bag!

Only a couple of days left to enter our other giveaway for a free vegan craft sample bag, we need a design for our bags, yep thats right...check out our blog for details!

Heck, if you dont feel like trying your chances with a giveaway, swing on over to our etsy shop lickety split to grab one of the few sample bags left!

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pixiepine said...

I don't have facebook, but I'm commenting here. My favorite vegan foods are the naturally occuring ones...fresh fruits and veggies. My favorite vegan creation is definitely Sweet & Sara's S'mores. Yum!