Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Great Vegan Etsy Give Away

Every month, or even Bi-Monthly sometimes, the VeganEtsy Team hosts a give-away challenge that awards a prize pack of vegan samples from it's team members.

Pretty In Pink

Start: Now

End: Jan. 30th

• Go to Etsy.Com and search for items that are tagged with VEGANETSY TEAM. Look for any and everything that is pink! All shades of pink are welcome.

• Respond to this post with the link of the item you picked and a short quip about why you picked it.

• Each person can only respond 1 time for 1 entry into the drawing. Blog followers get double entry.

• All contestants will be assigned a number. These numbers will be placed into a random generator at the end of the contest to determine the winner.

• Please note you must have contact information!
If you do not have any contact information in your user profile, please leave a email that you can be contacted through to inform you of your winnings.

This contests prize grab bag is sponsored by:

The VeganEtsy Team
Inc. Greetings
Late July Photography
Uber Duper Creations
Saving Estelle
Starrlight Jewelry -&- Designs
Pink Bubble Designs
Strange And Violent
Bright Design
Threaded Smiles


Chris said...

Cupcakes. Who can *resist* cupcakes!


Kristen said...

Gloria Steinem And Dorothy Pitman Hughes Hand Stenciled Shirt by KMStitchery.


I chose this shirt because it is absolutely adorable and it has 2 of my favorite people on it.
--Kristen/Sweet V Confections

My Vegan World said...

Tropical floating pendant by artbysusmitha
Pretty, and unique.

pixiepine said...

Magenta Birdee! This is so cute, and I love bringing "the outdoors in!"


Anonymous said...

I choose this robot print *from my zoetrope*, because there is a heart on the chest and its a happy robot
robots remind me of the love of my life, since they are also made of metal with a huge heart!

Mama Veg said...


I love the retro looking headband. A super cute look for cool vegans, for sure!

The Vegan Kitchen said...

I love the idea of having a small colander just the right size for rinsing berries! Plus, it's pretty so serving the berries directly from it would be fine.


Anonymous said...

You are doing good work! Thank you.

Pink plaid will take over the world!


mvegan said...

This sweet little pink kitty pin, 100% helping the EFA charity of the month, I love adorable handmade items helping animals, it doesn't get better !!!! http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=38325066&ref=sr_gallery_17&&ga_search_query=veganetsy+pink&ga_search_type=handmade&ga_page=&includes[]=tags&includes[]=title
Michele ;) mvegan5

Continuum Designs said...


Look at the expression on his face - awesome!

Mamabear said...

Wow, I love the dresss with the green material with the colorful burst of doves on it. I am a bit bummed that it doesn't come in adults sizes :)

It is more green, but there are pink doves on it!

melissa bastian. said...

I'm in love with this delicious bowl from Jeanette of Vegan Dish. My man got me the matching mug for x-mas, which I LOVE and use every day!


silentlotus creations said...

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Vegan Cupcakes from thecupcakemint:


I've been wanting to try Shannon's cuppiecakes, and these fluffy, chocolatey pink ones look amazing! :)

Kylie, http://SilentLotus.etsy.com

crystal said...

I knew i would find some cute pink items in PinkBubble's shop!!
I think that the Cotton Candy Crystal earrings are adorable :)



Vegan Mama said...

love these

Vegan Mama said...

I forgot to say why I love them!
I love them because they are dainty, sparkly & so pretty & because Roni gives 10% to animal place & that is a good enough reason in my book!

craftymooncrab said...

This rose fairy print is from twosilverstars. It is absolutely gorgeous!


Squirrel said...

Dish cloths! I am all about cleaning with cloth. Sponges are ick.


at yahoo

Kara said...

I love this pink scarf by KnitbyNat. Looks cute and warm. Perfect for Valentine's Day. :-)

Lauren said...

I love this Vent Book! What a beautiful and healthy way to let go of some frustrations. I'm not sure that 20 pages is enough though ;)