Saturday, February 6, 2010

Welcome to the team!

We're pleased to announce our three newest members: Laura Isaac, fine-art printmaker and illustrator (three cheers for printmaking!); Paper Leaves - sure to inspire love in any who breathe paper as if air (like I do); and Vegan Boutique for you vintage clothing fanatics. Stop by each of these fantastic shops! They're bound to become some of your favorites, but just to be sure, why not go ahead and heart them? ;)

The Snow Bees Take Kai's Skates
by Laura Isaac

Friend Ship pop-up card
by Paper Leaves

Pink Chiffon Prom Dress from Vegan Boutique


Vegan Dog's Life said...

Welcome to you all!

melissa bastian. said...

It's always exciting to get new kinds of crafts and skills coming into the team!

kittee said...