Thursday, February 4, 2010

Valentine's Day the Cruelty Free Way! Vegan Craft Sample Bags

Valentine's Day doesn't have to mean tons of processed sugars and dairy - it can mean compassion and love! This Valentine's Day you can order a Vegan Craft Sample bag for your love, and know that it is all vegan and all compassion!

Vegan Craft Samples receives samples of handmade items from Etsy shops around the world, puts them into reusable hand stenciled tote bags and sells them. Everything in these bags is vegan and cruelty free and 100% of profits from each bag goes to a different sanctuary each time. Valentine's Day 2010 sample bag profits go to Pigs Peace Sanctuary
The bags come in 3 different sizes now, they used to only offer the regular sized bags, but now they offer small and large bags as well!

Small bags come with 8-10 samples and are $15

Regular bags come with 17-20 samples and are $25

Large bags come with 23-25 samples and are $35

The next round of bags after our Valentine's Day bags are our Earth Day bags, we are always looking for new handmade shops to contribute samples. When you contribute samples you promote a compassionate lifestyle, raise money for animals, and promote your craft! Please sign up under "get in the bag" on our website!

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