Thursday, September 9, 2010

Twig and Leaf Botanicals - an amazing Vegan Etsy Team shop.

Twig & Leaf is a small, couple owned and operated business in Boulder, Colorado. They use only vegan ingredients and organically grown or wildcrafted plant materials in all of their products. Their products are made from natural, organic plant material, without any chemical additives. All of their packaging is RECYCLED! Their glass jars are thick recycled glass.

A wonderful shop selling a huge variety of natural herbs and potions, that will not only be good for your body and skin but fill your senses with joy. How about a home spa treatment or a coconut body scrub? Something for every skin type. Want to know more about this wonderful shop? then read on...

When Kelly was young, her mom thought she would be a chemist - but she is lousy at math - and her dad thought she would be a park ranger. I suppose she did an unexpectedly splendid job of blending the two together. Kelly has always been passionate about plants and their properties. Somewhere along the line a few years ago, she decided this is what she wants to do with her life, despite having gone to 3 colleges and changed degrees from photography, to creative writing, to elementary education and traveling and living all across the United States. She is working on her Clinical Herbalism degree, and he is working in economics.

Kelly and Scott are both 24 years old and currently reside in Boulder, Colorado with their rescue cat - kitty face. They live in a small, beautiful cabin nestled at the foot of the Flatiron Mountains, surrounded by plum trees and ivy. What’s not to love? Kelly has been vegan since she was 6 years old, which started out as a health issue and evolved into a conscious decision. Scott has been vegan for over two years now.

When Kelly started the business, she was just making bulk organic herbal teas, each with different health benefits, and selling them to a café in Boulder. They are still doing that, but she decided that enough is enough with having to rely on other shady businesses for every day products. What are those ingredients? Why are they in there? What do they do? She developed her own lip balms and lotions with simple, organic ingredients, with no animal products, and wanted to share them with everyone.

So came about twig & leaf botanicals. They use only organic butters, oils, and plant materials, and strive to use organic locally grown plants when we can. They believe that everyone should have access to simple, natural, and healthy products with an affordable price. They also use ALL recycled paper and glass packaging, and no plastics, because plastics contain harmful chemicals that can leak into your products - and we’re pretty sure no one wants to rub that into their skin.

Check out their Etsy Shop and browse the wonderful products, and for interesting information and lovely photos, hop on over to their wonderfully inspiring and fabulous blog.

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