Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Celebration of Nature

While veganism is often a boycott of a perverse industry, vegans walk the world with a song in their hearts. Why? Because veganism is also a celebration of all the living things in the world. Vegans express a respect and love for nature by refusing to exploit it. And vegan artisans often enjoy revering the beauty of nature in their work. Below are some of these gorgeous expressions from the Vegan Etsy Team.

"After the Rain" from Tharn Photography

"Purple Spring" Floral Collage Locket from Silent Lotus

"Elephant Congratulations" notecard from Merry Blues Art

"Butterfly Taking Flight" from 3am Art Productions

"Stillness" from Colby Krolak Studios

Find all this and more by searching the tag "veganetsy team" on ;)


Scott Carpentier said...

All awesome work!! Thanks for including my photo! :)


Jessi said...

Lovely collection, and lovely way to describe us vegans!

Heather said...

Lovely! I love the vegan description too! TY for including me! I'm so honored!