Sunday, November 27, 2011

It's Back: The Great Vegan Etsy Giveaway!

This giveaway is now CLOSED!! Thanks so much to everyone who participated, and keep your eyes peeled for the next one!

***It's the Great Vegan Etsy Giveaway!***

Hello friends! In this season of thanks and giving, we here at the Vegan Etsy Team would like to do some giving of our own... with The Great Vegan Etsy Giveaway! You'll enter by telling us about some of your favorite Vegan Etsy Team shops. If you win, you'll receive a Vegan Etsy Team prize pack full of items hand-crafted by our members! It's been a while since we've done one, and we have some terrific new items from amazing new team members in the prize pack.

So how do you enter? It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...

In a comment to this blog post, please:

1. Name a Vegan Etsy Team shop which donates a percentage of its proceeds to an animal cause, and tell us about your favorite item in that shop;

2. Name a Vegan Etsy Team shop which makes items that help you proudly proclaim your veganity to the world, and describe your favorite item in that shop; and

3. Name a Vegan Etsy Team shop which you think has great gifts, and describe an item in that shop that you would like to give (or recieve!).

And now, the fine print...

*You must complete ALL THREE STEPS to qualify for entry!

*Please INCLUDE LINKS to the items that you choose.

*Please make sure we know how to get in touch with you! You can't win if we can't find you. ;)

*You can find Vegan Etsy Team shops by checking out our Etsy Teams Page of Active Members!

*Winners will be chosen by random drawing.

*The giveaway starts NOW and ends at Midnight, Eastern Time, on Sunday December 11th. The winner will be announced on Monday, December 12th right here on this blog!

*As always, blog followers get double entry!

***Good luck, have fun, and Happy Holidays!***

* * * * * *

Example Entry:

1. Melissa Bastian's shop Melissa Bastian donates 10% of proceeds to Imaginary Animal Sanctuary. I love her painting of bunny rabbits because I have bunnies too!
2. Melissa Bastian's shop Bright Design would help me show off my veganness with these cute "vegan" pins:
3. I think Melissa Bastian's shop Libellule is the best gift shop ever, and I would love to receive this sparkly blue necklace:


mvegan said...

I love Vegan Etsy! :0) I'm sorry I have been out of the loop lately, busy w/our new cutie, Liam!
1. I love Scrappyrat's cookbook for doggies helping animals.
2. Love the Vegan Chick and other necklaces by crobinsondesign.
3. I would love to receive a vegan mug by vegandish :)

mvegan said...

I'm a gfc follower :)

Vegan Wheekers said...

1. Johnsonfamilyzoo: 50% of sales from bunny themed items in my store are donated to Friends of Unwanted Rabbits (FUR). As a bunny mom, I heartily approve and appreciate her generosity!
My favorite item in the store is Natural Colored Boo Boo Bunny with reusable ice cube:
Half the pain would be gone just looking at this cute thing.

2. EatYourVegTees designs cute pins. My fav is the adorable Peace for Pigs pin at

3. I have been coveting Vegandish bowls for a while now, especially the Vegan cereal bowl set of 4 in unmatchy colors with stitching I think they'd make great gifts for the vegans in your life! So pretty...

All kitties flock to me said...

1) PandaWithCookie oftens donates proceeds to various causes. Tofu Scramble Plush Set is awesome:

2) I love MyZoeetrope. This broccoli print procliams vegan goodness:

3) PandaWithCookieBakes Rocky Road Brownies would make a fantastic gift:

culturebalance said...

Vegan Etsy is awesome! I can find all sorts of handmade vegan items in one place! How better to support Vegan crafters?!?

1- from lunasapawthecary! Awesome toys for mah kittehs and 20% goes to cat shelters, yay!

2- by gingercardco! <3 Great mini 'zines and pendants. She aso donates proceeds to helping hounds and a pig sanctuary too!

3-!!! by Knitsbyat! This adorable hat would be a great gift for me! It's super hard to find a cute, warm, vegan winter hat that will fit my big head, and this would be perfect!

amanda said...

1. i love all the jewelry from for the animals, but my favorite is this necklace:

2. the darkfaerie vegan brooches are a super cute way to let the world know you are an animal lover!

3. i love the pansymaiden bags! especially the one that converts to a backpack! i would love to get one as a gift!

amanda said...

...and i follow the blog on facebook.

Heather said...

1. Luna's Apawthecary donates 20% of all sales to their local cat rescue in MI. My fav item in the shop is this lush kitty blanket with stars and swirls

2. fortheanimalsjewelry - My fav bracelet has just been sold, so hopefully someone got it for me for Christmas. ;-) My close second favorite thing is this vegan <B ahimsa dove necklce

3. feedyourface has great looking foodstuff, which always makes for great gifts. If someone was choosing for me, I hope they'd get me dark chocolate sea salt caramels. Yum!

kelly g. said...

Yay vegan etsy! I'm planning on doing as much of my xmas shopping on etsy as possible this year :)

1. Debbie Kowalski donates all her proceeds to the animal sanctuary she started, For the Animals: This "vegan" pendant is quite lovely:

2. I love Panda With a Cookie's duds, especially her "Animals for the Ethical Treatment of Women" button:

3. Sweet V Confections! I've actually gifted some of her goodies to my omni relatives, and they've gotten nothing but raves. I'd love to receive a cookies and chocolates gift basket!

Jessica Caneal said...

1. Panda with Cookie is donating 10% of all zine and personalized cat and dog ornament sales to Brother Wolf Animal Rescue. I love the shop's Giant Tofu Pirate Pillow listed here: It is one of the most creative items I have seen in some time!

2. I think darkfaerie's Custom OOAK Handmade Brooch is a beautiful way to showcase one's veganism and this item is definitely on my list this year!

3. Who doesn't want fancy vegan caremel's for Christmas. The caramels available at feedyourface look simply divine! I would love to try their Vegan Organic Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels:

Lesley said...

1. I really like this shirt by
RareTeeClothing, and they donate $1 of every item purchased to wildlife conservation.

2. I love these buttons from SickOnSin, esp. the I <3 Tofu one!

3. From cards to plush to prints, MyZoetrope has THE CUTEST STUFF. I want "Hello Spring Rain Cloud"...

moonsword said...

1.veganessa ~ Also a member of the Etsy for Animals team which provides charitable relief to animals...yay! My favorite item is the Upcycled Workbag made of washed out black canvas with colourful Vegan patches...supercool!
2.VeganDish ~ Vegan BOLD cereal bowl in aqua is on my list because I want a bowl for my So Delicious Turtle Trails...and hands off for my non-vegan sweetie!
3.Veganville ~ okay, seriously, I don't care if you're a sausage-stuffing, cheese-puffing carnivore, there's no way you could turn down a gift basket of these goodies. Especially the Vegan Peanut Butter Swirl Smarty Pants Fudgy Brownies...I want to be wherever these are, right now.

Girl In Transit said...

1. I'm loving Paula Menetrey's custom pet portraits, and I have stunningly beautiful cats, I think we were destined to meet in life :-) Paula donates 10$ of every commission to a local animal charity in OH.

2. SweetVConfections' helps proclaim my vegan life by providing food people will actually want to EAT and appeal to the non-vegan'ers, a way to pull them to the light :-D The Vegan Cookie Gift Basket would do the trick instantly!

3. McFarland Designs does amazing things with reclaimed metals. My husband lost his wedding band in the reservoir this summer :-( and ever since the search to find a ring that would fit him, us, and our future. This solid band does the trick, along with a NUMBER of their designs. They've raised a TON of money to help Mayan families, a need not seen in the media that often but special nontheless. In my wildest dreams, I would love to commission this ring

My store also dedicates its proceeds to providing direct support to foster cats in my own home from my local shelter. They stay anywhere from 1-8 weeks and although the shelter DOES provide resources, in my mind, the more resources I/we can provide, that's just that much more the Iowa City Animal Center will have to go around. My store funds my ability to foster.

Anonymous said...

A giveaway? That's awesome!

1. Luna's Apawthecary is donating a whopping 20% to cat care at C & W Rustic Hollow Shelter. My favourite from this shop is the Brown Fleece Pawprint cat bed (

2. My favourite item to "proclaim your veganity to the world" is the Fly Away Be Free Bird Cage Necklace from ladiesblend ( It's a really amazing sentiment to see a bird breaking free from a cage and it speaks to the "key" of what veganism is about - letting go of our hold on other animals.

3. I'm very partial to everything sold at MyZoetrope, but wouldn't be able to give anything away as a gift because I would want to keep it all for myself! Current favourites are the 2012 Wall Calendar ( and the Woodland Animal pencil case (

Contact e-mail is vegan dot seeds at gmail dot com.

Thanks for the chance to win, and good luck to everybody!

Andrea said...

1. Debbie Kowalski's shop fortheanimalsjewelry donates ALL proceeds toward her animal sanctuary. my favorite necklace from her shop was recently sold D: but I really like this one
2. The vegan buttons at SickOnSin would help me show my vegan pride. I like the i <3 tofu button :)
3. I think SweetVConfections has great gifts. Everything looks so tasty! but i think I'd like to give the vegan fudge and buy one for myself too :)

email: squirrelattack7 at gmail dot com

Andrea said...

i follow via gfc! :D
username: squirrelattack
squirrelattack7 at gmail dot com