Friday, August 22, 2008

Do I have to beg? Cause I will! :)

First of all, I’d like to thank all of the wonderful members that have been active with the team. I love that so many of you post on the message board, make treasuries, help to promote us and do so many other things that help to make this team successful.

There is one thing that I would like to see improve as far as member participation, and while it’s not a requirement, it would be very nice if everyone could do it. I’ve noticed that the same people post on the message board, but it’s a pretty small percentage of the overall members. I’m not asking that everyone log on and post on a daily basis, but it would be great to see everyone pop in there once a week or so.

If you need reasons to check in on the message board on a regular basis, I’ve put together a list for you!

You’ll keep updated of what’s going on with the team, including any events that may help to promote your shop. Not everything is posted about here, so you’re missing out on things if you don’t check in.

You could have the chance to win a prize! Team games are happening on a regular basis now, but the information about them can only be found on the message board.

You’ll find out about special discounts that some of our shops offer to members as well as who is willing to trade. Again, this information is only available on the board.

Discussions on the board aren’t limited to just team stuff. If you have a question, need help with something or are just looking for moral support, post about it. The board is there so we can support each other as well as the team.

You’ll boost your team pride by being more active. The stronger our community is, the stronger our team will be! Likewise, the stronger our team is, the more we can promote veganism. Now that’s some positive activism!

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