Sunday, August 17, 2008

Help Save Bonnie!

One of the Vegan Etsy members, Nicole of Late July, is a volunteer special needs rescue coordinator. She recently had Bonnie come in, a small, emaciated mutt who is covered with sores from mange and allergies. If Nicole can raise funds for Bonnie's care, they will not put her to sleep, so she is asking everyone to pass the word and help out as much as possible. To read more about Bonnie and see pictures and a video of her, please visit Nicole's blog.

Everything in Nicole's store is 1/2 off right now with 100% is going towards Bonnie's care. Once she is well enough, she will be taking Bonnie home to foster and rehabilitate her.

Nicole has also organized a fundraiser to help cover Bonnie's medical costs. Please take a look at the beautiful work in her shop and make a purchase or donate to the fundraiser if you can. Every little bit helps, so even a few bucks would be very much appreciated. Let's give Bonnie the chance to live the happy, healthy life that every animal deserves!

1 comment:

Vegan Mama said...

This is wonderful!! She's almost at her goal!
Come on every one, donate today's soy latte money. . .It all helps!