Friday, December 19, 2008

Our Team Shop Helps Farm Animals!

We took a vote for what to do with the money we raised through our team shop and it was decided to first spend it on adopting a farm animal. I'm happy to report that after some discussion and another poll, it was decided to give $100 to For The Animals Sanctuary and another $100 to Animal Place Sanctuary. These are both wonderful places that focus on vegan advocacy.

For The Animals is run by one of our members, Debbie of For The Animals, who uses the profits from her shop for her sanctuary. They currently have two cows, Herbie and Kevinah, and 8 goats. If you're in the New Jersey area, please consider volunteering some of your time to them. They're a small sanctuary that just got started, so they could certainly use all the help they can get!

Animal Place is located in California and not only are they a farmed animal sanctuary, but they also work with Compassion Without Borders to rescue dogs from Mexico. With the money we donated to them, we sponsored four animals- Cecilia the chicken, Sophie the sheep, Peggy Sue the pig and Howie the cow. They recently were able to expand to 590 acres, so they're a great sanctuary that is steadily growing. Definitely what the animals need!

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Vegan Girl (Roni Seabury) said...

Aw this is so sweet. I am a foster parent to Howie and Sebastian. I know they appreciated our donation!