Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Team Happenings

There are always a lot of opportunities for members to become involved in the team. Here is a summary of what's currently happening with us.

December Team Challenge- "Down On The Farm". Your entry must be farm animal themed. Along with your entry post a short story about the farm animal you chose and why. The deadline to enter is December 24 and after that, a poll will be posted to determine the winner. The winner gets to choose a prize and their entry will be featured here!

Vegan Etsy Giveaway- Melanie of The Coma Girl Designs (and the one who made many of our awesome graphics, including the one that's in the current VegNews issue!) is going to be having a vegan handmade giveaway on her blog. If all goes well, she will be making it a monthly event to help promote our team and the shops that donate to the giveaway. If you would like to contribute something to this, please contact her.

Holidays With Compassion Campaign- This is going on all month and is an effort between us and the Cruelty Free Etsy team. Please encourage people to celebrate these holidays compassionately whenever and wherever you can! Post about it on your blog, twitter about it, create a treasury, bump threads on the etsy forums or anything else you have time for. If you have any more ideas on how to promote this, we'd love to hear them. Just contact me or you can post about it on the message board .

Holiday Gift Exchange- For those of you that are participating, this is just a reminder to mail out your packages to your recipient soon. When you receive your package, please post about it and share pictures!

The Little Black Box- Just a reminder that if you're doing this, Kim needs to receive your promo items by January 21. Want to know what The Little Black Box is? Visit the website to learn all about it! If you want to be in this, please contact Kim as soon as possible. Her email can be found here.

Team Sampler Packs- More will be listed soon! I'm waiting for a few more people to send their items in. If you want to participate in this next round of sampler packs, please let me know as soon as possible.

Business Card Exchange- This is a great way to help promote each other's shops! We are exchanging business cards to send out in our sales packages, hand out at craft fairs and use wherever else we get a chance.

The List Goes On!- For more ways to become active with the team, please see the Handy Dandy Member Guide. It's packed full of things you can do to help this team succeed.

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