Saturday, December 20, 2008

Review- Forest Nymphs and Brisil Bath & Body

The following review was written by Roni of Daisy Wares and Daisys Destash.
It's winter time and my skin is dry and itchy. Yuck. Nothing worse than being stuck in an office where everyone has their space heaters cranked up and there is nothing I can do about all the hot air blowing around just drying out my skin further.

So I was on a search for something to quench my thirst so to speak. I turned to my good friend Silvana's shop, Forest Nymphs & Brisil Bath & Body and found the perfect solution, Yerba Mate' Botancial HYDROSOL Facial Mist. This is the miracle of all miracle cures. You just spray and a comforting mist comes out to moisten that dry skin. To quote from her ad, "This facial mist is an all natural botanical hydrosol (by-product of esential oil production) made with yerba mate'for its antioxdants;chamomile and rosemary,orange, rose and our essential oil blend to calm, heal and hydrate parched dehydrated skin."

You can't get closer to earth or more natural than this. Why would you want all that alcohol and other crap on your skin when you can have a little bit of heaven to gently sink into your skin and make you feel so good. This product is highly recommended for the dry and itchy!

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