Thursday, January 29, 2009

Please help Sophie!

Nicole of Late July wrote the following.

A pound in Ohio, that the rescue I volunteer for rescues from has an amazing story. As you know in places like Ohio, the pounds are just booming with dogs, being abandoned, surrendered etc.

Sophie was lucky and was adopted (she's a real mutt) but when the family went to get her spayed they found out she has a massive heart condition. They took her back to the pound and paid for her to be euthanized. The staff, against what most shelters would do, decided that they would really try to raise the money for her surgery. Its $3000 for the surgery which is a lot! but she's so loving, outgoing and has wagged her little tail off just to stay alive!

If you can help, by donating money or items. her chip in and photos are here:

My store is closed right now as I work on things but if anyone has anything they can donate to raise money or if you can please post her chip in on the blog that would be great. the official email is below!

Thanks for listening everyone!

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Anonymous said...

come on sophie!!!