Monday, January 5, 2009

Recipe Contest!

Tami of Tami's Soapworks is having a recipe contest on the blog Vegan Appetite where you can win the Cooking With Compassion cookzine! How cool is that? I copied and pasted what she wrote about it below and you can also find the info here.

Some of you may already know this, but if you haven’t heard we’re trying to keep Hezbollah Tofu up and running while Equus takes a mini break. To do that, I’m asking for your help!

If you’ve enjoyed the Hezbollah Tofu blog and thought about doing a recipe but didn’t get around to it, please do it now! We desperately need recipes to post and to keep this awesome collective project going.

To entice you just a little more (and hopefully motivate you), how about a Recipe Drive? If you submit a recipe between now and the end of January, you’ll be randomly entered in a drawing to win a free cookbook put out by the VeganEtsy Team.

All you need to do is veganize a recipe originally written by Anthony Bourdain (some are available online, or get the book from your library) and send it to us.

To keep going, Hezbollah Tofu needs you. Please send your recipes to us at

Thanks! And get cooking!

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