Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cats and Cat Lovers prepare to be delighted!

The following was posted by Kim of Midnightrabbits and Veganessa.

Veganetsy Team is full of very talented artists and crafters, so when it came to looking for gifts for a cat and a cat loving friend, I was spoilt for choice. To my delight I came across a wonderful assortment that will keep both Cat and cat Lovers very happy. Here are the shops and their fabulous goods that make up a part of this marvellous team:

Jane Diamond
Jane’s shop introduction is very welcoming, and gives a fantastic feel of the wonderful products. She lists Cool catnip toys and cat sachets, which are filled with catnip, and very pretty. I hope the cats appreciate the adorable fabric as much as the buyer will.
Jane also provides lots of delightful gifts for cat lovers- jewellery, paintings and ACEO’s all with beautiful cat pictures on them, in an assortment of colours and price ranges, there’s something for everyone. Jane also has a charity section, for anyone wanting to buy a gift that gives. Her shop is a delight to look at, and will make any day seem brighter.


UberDuper Creations is well known for their fabulous Beastie Biscuits.

which I have tried (yes, I have tried – as they’re vegan) and can personally recommend them. My dogs loved them too!
Not forgetting our feline friends, UberDuper Creations has some wonderful catnip toys Cat-Nipper Beastie Cats, which I’m sure every cat would be thrilled to receive. Here’s a picture of our cat Pinkie playing with one of UberDuper Creations catnip toys. You can see the look of pleasure on here face, a definite hit!

Along with fabulous catnip toys are wonderful Cat-Nip Planter Kits. Everything you need to grow your own catnip in a gorgeous hand painted pot. Something for both you and your cat to enjoy.

Sierra Pelona Crochet
This wonderful Etsy shop has a sweet selection of catnip toys for your favourite kitty, well all of them, if you have more than one! And the most delightful angel cats that I have ever seen. "But what is an angel cat?" I hear you say. It’s a pretty crocheted cat with angel wings, which is lightly scented with organic lavender – heavenly (excuse the pun!).

Have you ever seen such a cute angel cat?

Here is an enchanting shop selling a range of cute, cheeky and fun items including mirrors, women’s underwear, magnets, t-shirts, and totes. Some have endearing pictures of cats on them, which would make a wonderful surprise for any cat lover.

Who can resist such an appealing little cat design!

If you’re looking for some artwork for a cat loving friend, then MVegan5 has the answer. The shop has painting, cards and prints, featuring cats and other animals.
10% of all sales go to animal rescues/charities. A perfect way to give a delightful gift and help animals in the process.
Any friend would appreciate a custom animal portrait by this talented artist.

Although not strictly for cats or cat lovers, I liked this dish so much, I just had to include it – And as the description says it can be filled with cat biscuits if chosen!


Another idea for a gift for a cat lover is a journal, photo album, greeting card or gift tags from This Is It. The cat designs are elegant and this is a description taken from This Is It’s shop:

‘The journal is made using eco friendly Nepalese lokta paper. It measures 6x6 and comes with 20 pages of textured lokta inside. The greeting card is made using 100% recycled (post-consumer content) cardstock. It comes with a matching envelope. Both come wrapped in resealable sleeves (10% recycled).’
Eco friendly and stylish, a superb gift for anyone.


Starrlight Jewelry has a wonderful assortment of Gothic/Victorian inspired jewelry.
Some of this includes clip on charms that could be added to your mobile and include a cat theme
Or could be worn by your cat, if you want to add something unique to their collar and give the birds a tinkle of a warning if your cat is on the prowl

Cute kitty necklace and other animal shaped jewelry, that would make delightful gifts for a fun loving young at heart animal lover.

PinkBubble – Adorable bracelet and necklace depicting cats and other wonderful jewelry and supplies.

There are many other shops that have cat themed items for sale, but as they are only one or two items, I've listed some of them here, without pictures, but well worth a look!

AimeeDars – Aimee Dars sells divine jewelry, some of which are adorned with cats. All very elegant and would make wonderful presents.

Finally my own shops MidnightRabbits and Veganessa which have cat pictures on coin purses, card holders and bags. I am of course a cat lover as well as an animal lover. I actually share a house with 5 cats and 3 dogs – never a dull moment (or should that be quiet!) .

This list has finally come to an end. Shops change items frequently, so it’s always worth doing an Etsy search for Veganetsy and Cats in the title, description and tags, you may come across even more wonderfully talented VeganEtsy members that have wonderful items for Cats and Cat Lovers everywhere.


melissa bastian. said...

Aww, the feline cuteness! It's almost enough to make me brave the allergies and get me a kitten.

veganessa said...

love, love, love them!

Vegan Mama said...

Wow! What a write up! Great work Kim! I LOVE that photo of your feline friend romping with my catnipper toy :0)

JennyStench said...

Oh how I love google alerts! This is a great write up! Thank you for including me.