Monday, April 27, 2009

Home Sweet (Vegan) Home.

I'm moving! Again. I've moved about a hundred times, and as usual, it's exciting, stressful, and traumatic all rolled into one. Obviously, this calls for some retail (or, should I say, Etsy) therapy! The funnest part about having a new space is making that space feel cozy and welcoming, and making it look beautiful. Where better to find objects to accomplish just that than among those fashioned by the Vegan Etsy Team?

Vessels and Wares (can I call you Jeanette?), you slay me! Nothing in the world is more comforting than a nice cup of tea, and it appears that you've gone and created the perfect, well, vessel! As Jeanette says, "Rad + awesome = this teapot." I couldn't agree more! And once the oolong is brewed, I'd of course need one of your gorgeous mugs to pour it into - how cute is this tumbler with the cherry blossom? It reminds me of the tiny flowers that are starting to burst forth from trees all over the neighborhood. (See? It really is spring!) The new pad has this awesome sort of built-in mini china cabinet in the hall; both of these objects would look just fantastically classic nestled there when not in use.

One thing that I have always loved to have in the house is plants. I've even gotten good at keeping them alive - I've had my two money trees for three and a half years now, thank you very much. The new place has a long narrow room across the front with basically wall to wall picture windows, and I plan to fill it with green! Thanks to the hilarious Allison of Monkeys Always Look, now I can populate all of our windowsills - and man do we have some windowsills - with gorgeous succulents in one-of-a-kind plantings! I've already gotten one pointy lil' guy in a beautiful white Waterford teacup (Maurice). I was so thrilled with him that I immediately ordered a second, a "topsy turvey" in a baby blue dessert cup who I named Topsy. He I got him Friday - he's magnificent! That evening I decided that three's company, and ordered a third in a black espresso mug who is on its way - I'll name him when I meet him. Allison is a sheer pleasure to do business with, and I couldn't be more pleased with my little planty friends. And I'm certainly nowhere near finished ordering from her! I've especially got my eye on a couple of the string-of-pearls numbers; they're just too amazing, and they make me think of something my grandmother the brilliant gardener would have loved. (By the bye, Allison, you've inspired me - I've planted my funky lil' cactus in an old mug that I got on a road trip through South of the Border! Pictures are forthcoming... his name is Pedro. :)

Is it possible to have a big grin on my face the minute I get to the apartment and flip the light switch? Could it ever be so simple to feel happy and comfortable in a new home? Well, I believe it just might be with this squirrelly little number from AguaVino! After all, Mrs. Squirrel (in her stylish plaid apron) is already cooking me up a nice acorn stew. And Mr. Squirrel is ready to entertain us through the whole meal with his wild tales of the forest floor! It's the perfect combination of nature and nurture. These two would cheer up any room in the house, but what better to grace a new kitchen with? (I could say they're just plain nutty, but Jonathan-the-fiance says that puns aren't funny. But I disagree! And I already said it! Ha!)

Now, about the new bathroom. It's, well, bright yellow! Yellow tiling on the walls, odd yellow-olive tiling on the floor... very, very different from the all-white that I'm moving out of. So, what's the best way to break in a new bathroom? Delicious new soaps of course! I'm very particular about my scents, and I like to have a variety, so the pick-three option from Tami's Soapworks really sounds like the ticket. Hmm, let me see: vanilla sandalwood, vanilla raspberry, and green tea honeysuckle? Am I picking soap or making smoothies?! Sunbath has a wonderful selection of handmade soaps as well; I highly suggest the brown sugar and vanilla - which incidentally would make a fabulous Mother's Day present. (Don't forget your moms, y'all! Mother's day is just around the corner, and moms do like to be pampered.) With all these delicious scents, I'll just sink into the luxury and soon enough all that yellow tile will be a beacon of my new happyplace.

After a nice bath in our big new bathtub - and did I mention it's got a shower curtain that curves around the back?! - I might need to moisturize a lil bit. My skin is just that way, always has been. No worries, Daisy Wares has me covered with her whipped shea body butter. Roni, the shop proprietor, has specified that even though this "butter" looks good enough to eat, don't! It does look completely edible, and the temptation will be particularly terrible because I plan to order it in Vanilla flavor - er, I mean, scent. After a long day of unpacking, a girl just needs this kind of pampering. Hell, what day doesn't a girl need this kind of pampering? And after the winter we just went through in NYC, my skin is dying for some TLC anyway!

So, once we're settled in and the place looks spectacular, we'll want to have the nearest and dearest over to show off, right? I think so. And when that happens, I'll want to serve scrumptious vegan food - that's just a given. But how ever will I serve it? Why, on a gorgeous platter from Vegan Dish - how else? (In case you're wondering, yes that IS the handiwork of our talented Jeanette once again!) So, how much do I love the stars stamped into the attachment points of the handles? SO MUCH! It's these careful details that really make her lines of pottery shine. This piece could be perfect for Jonathan's signature seitan satay skewers. Or even my vegan red velvet cupcakes - gotta love the semi-complimentary tones of pink icing on this striking blue dish. My omni friends may just be so awe-struck at the beauty of our vegan delicacies on this amazing piece of art that they turn to the green side on the spot. Ya think? Hey, anything is possible.

What makes a house a home? For the most part, the love and happiness that are shared there. But accoutrements that make it pleasant and inviting sure don't hurt! Making a move is a trial for body and spirit, and a few beautiful and comforting objects can certainly help to soften the blow. I'm chomping at the bit to buy each and every one of these delightful treats - but not until we figure out how to pay May's rent! (And for that matter, June's.) And so you might just beat me to a few of them. But that's alright. As long as there's a Vegan Etsy Team, I know there will be an endless supply of just-the-right-thing whenever I'm ready for it.

Melissa Bastian


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Great list Melissa!

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Thank you for including me :)

melissa bastian. said...

Glad you liked it... I'm just wondering if I'll ever finish moving! ;)

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Very nice selection! Makes me wanna go shopping! :)

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that's an awesome write up hun!

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Fantastic article--I want it ALL! :)
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Really cute article! :)

Kelle's Kitchen said...

Have fun decorating your new home! I'll be doing that myself in a few months - Etsy is such a great place for those unique finds!!

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A great collection. I'm moving too, and you have given me some great ideas!

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Fun article and you made some lovely choices to dream about! :)