Sunday, April 5, 2009

Today's interview is with Uber Duper Creations.

Über Duper Creations (Üdc) came about from a desire to have a fun creative outlet as well as a way to make an income that can help us afford to help animals. We thought we should have a name that is also fun to say! Say it with me... "Über Duper!" See? Wasn't that fun? Our Etsy shop (powered by Pippi & Phaedra) is an outlet for a range of creations. A mainstay of the shop is Beastie Biscuits ©, which are all organic, vegan, wholesome treats for beast friends. Most of the Beastie Biscuits © clientele are dogs. However, other frequenters include pot belly pigs, goats, and even some cats. Other items that can be found in the Üdc Etsy shop may vary from hand painted treat jars & pet dishes, cat nip pillows & toys, greeting crads, photography, post cards, zines & whatever else we may find inspiring. Because we are animal lovers and share our homes with animals, it is easy to see where we might find our inspiration; In our own homes and from our own beast friends.

Üdc has been a part of Vegan Etsy for nearly as long as we have been a shop. We just celebrated our one year anniversary on April 1st. We donate ten percent of sales in addition to auction items or door prizes to various animal charities. We rotate them on a three month basis. These various organizations have are groups like For the Animals Sanctuary, NJ (Fellow Vegan Etsian!), Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary, CO, Rocky Mountain Animal Defense, CO, RSPCA, FL, Dogs for the Deaf, OR, Mill Dog Rescue Network, CO, Best Friends Animal Society, UT, The Animal Place, CA, and others. There are so many wonderful people out there helping animals.
The Etsy community is such an eclectic group of creatives. It is so much fun to be a part of this community of people who are creative and sharing their wares with the world. We love the 'hand made with love' factor of gift buying and shopping for ourselves. Especially from fellow Vegan Etsians! What a talented bunch we are! It's so wonderful to have a source for cruelty free items, and to be able to buy from others who "get it"- we do not NEED to support a cruel & violent industry. There are alternatives and they are peaceful and just as luscious.

We both share a passion for health and fitness. Phaedra is a runner and enjoys yoga. Pippi loves the great outdoors of Colorado and also enjoys yoga and hanging out with her family. As well as caring about animals, animal companions & sharing a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves, by educating and being open and honest not only about the benefits of veganism, but also the horrors of the industry that is animal commodity. We also share a love for food & wine, and although we live in separate states, our favorite discussion is our latest food adventures. When we get together, we eat, drink and be merry! Pippi has been vegan for more than a decade and is currently having her second vegan pregnancy, which means, no wine for her for a while! Phaedra has been vegan for around 7 years or so. Her favorite food items include the chili at Infusion Tea & anything on the menu at Garden Cafe (both in Orlando Florida). A few of our favorite vegan things include cooking and cook books (a major go to book for Phaedra is 'How it all vegan', Sarah Kramer & Tanya Barnard), going out to eat at veg restaurants, trying new vegan products (Pippi loves trying out the latest vegan cheeses), shoes, traveling, laughing, creating & having fun living life!

The Üdc shop will continue to offer tidly bits of love. We will introduce new flavors and options of Beastie Biscuits ©, hand painted pottery, post cards, zines and whatever else floats our boat at the time! Thank you, we are so honored to be featured as the Vegan Etsy Team member of the week.


Vegan Girl (Roni Seabury) said...

I LOVE Pippi and everything she does! She is talented and funny and just plain awesome! Congrats on being member of the week Pipps!

Vegan Mama said...

AWE!!! ::blush:: thanks everyone!! Should I write an acceptance speech?? I would probably go over the time limit, so maybe I shouldn't....