Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Review- Starrlight Jewelry

We have several really pretty collar charms from Starrlight Jewelry that add a nice touch of bling to Emma & Rowan's collars. I swear that Emma even gets a little bit of a swagger in her walk when she wears them. :)

If you'd like some charms for collars, zippers or anything else you'd like to decorate, make sure to check out her shop. She has a great variety of items for all tastes and they're definitely priced right! You'll also receive fast, friendly service, which is certainly always welcome.

Right now, I'm giving away a free charm with every cookbook purchase in my shop. This is only until supplies last, so if you want yours don't wait! Not only will you have a bunch of healthy recipes and a charm to spoil a dog with, but you'll also be helping support Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary because 100% of profits from my sales go to them.

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veganessa said...

I love Starrlight Jewelry. I wore one of her necklaces out last night, and it made a plain t-shirt look really 'dressed up', which suited me perfectly.