Saturday, May 9, 2009

Vegan Etsy Team Members Love to Share!

We love to share with animals, each other, and even people we might not know on the internet. Which is good news for you because we have some awesome blog giveaways going on!

Holistically Heather's monthly blog giveaway is hosted by Starrlight Jewelry this month, swing on by Heather's blog to enter and win a $15 gift certificate to Starr's etsy shop!

Enter to win!

Veganessa is having an awesome giveaway in their blog, and 2 winners will be chosen! First prize will receive a $15 gift voucher and second prize will receive a $10 gift voucher to Veganessa

Enter to win!

Vegan Craft Samples is having a giveaway for a free Vegan Sample Bag on their blog. Help give Vegan Samples a catchy fun name, and win!

Enter to win!

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