Tuesday, March 23, 2010

For a relaxing evening, or a power cut, any excuse to get out those gorgeous scented candles!

While experiencing a power cut recently, I had to rummage around for a tea light. It was dark, I couldn't remember where I had put the matches. I realised it had been a while since I had bought any candles or tea lights. Eventually power was restored, I sighed with relief, and while my thoughts were on candles, I decided to browse through Vegan Etsy team members' shops for scented tea lights.
What a wonderful assortment of scents awaited me.

The first one to make me close my eyes and imagine the divine aroma was this Lavender and Tea Tree soy candle from KennyCoop.
This shops sells the most wonderful soy candles with essential oils, in the very stylish reusable tins. And anything called 'Lip Sauce' just has to be investigated- yum!

Next I found the funkiest, most 'alternative' soy candle in a tin from MrsTattooedGeek. I adore the smell of Patchouli, and the tin is so pretty and funky. There are lots of imaginative designs on MrsTattooedGeek's products, some cute, some cheeky, some cool. There's soy candles, lip balms, magnets oh and so many other curiosities, you just have to take a look!

These Lemongrass and Ginger Soy Votive Candles smell so fresh and uplifting. Brought to you by the delightful TwigandLeafBotanicals.
Their shop is enchanting, selling such endearing items such as soy candles, herbal teas and gorgeous soaps. They even offer to devise a unique blend just for you, should you so require.

Why wait for a power cut to try out some of these delightful scented candles. treat yourself. After a long hard day, turn down the lights, light up your scented candle/s relax and let your joyful senses take over.

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Anonymous said...

i love knowing i can check out other sellers searching for vegan etsy--thank you!