Monday, March 1, 2010

Workout DVD Review and Giveaway

Last week I was thinking about different workout moves to improve specific "derby muscles" when it dawned on me that I could google "roller derby workout" What I found was a video made by a derby team in California, The Heartattacks, and I decided to contact them. When I ordered my video, they sent a video to have a giveaway in my blog!!! It is your lucky day!

But first, a review of this workout video. I got on my knee pads and skates and popped in "Roller Derby Workout", it starts out with the same intro as the trailer and goes right into the workouts. Each section is lead by a Heartattack team member, and targets a specific area of the body. You can do the workouts in your socks, with skates on, or if you don't skate you can use ankle weights!

This video is definitely not just for derby girls, anyone who wanted to do it could, and would have a lot of fun doing so. The first section is warm ups, including the famous "stripper stretch", if you don't know what this is...I guess you will need to order a copy to find out! Then there is a section for abs (I can't yet do this section with my skates on, just barefoot), a section for your legs, a booty section and then a "fancy footwork" section (that's what I call it, I have no idea what its actually called hah).

An honest review of this DVD would have me tell you that it's awesome! The exercises are challenging but most anyone could do them, the music is catchy but not distracting, the video is edited well and put together really nicely. Overall this is in my "everyday" pile of workout DVDs, meaning I will do at least one section of this workout DVD daily! Today I will do the entire workout, since I didn't work out yesterday... oh will I feel it later today!

Yeah yeah yeah, blah blah blah, get to the part where I give away a copy of this DVD... OK, here goes. To enter, leave a comment in our blogspot blog post telling me: A-if and where you do roller derby, and if you have a name then please share that too (if not that's fine, I am just curious) B- what you are most excited about with this workout DVD C- what your favorite animal is D- your email or a contact of some sort in case you win.

This giveaway is open to anyone, in the USA and beyond. Please only enter once and good luck! Please remember to include your email address or a way to get in touch with you, because if you win and I can't find you that will totally stink! Good luck and play nice!


Lady J said...

A: I do not roller derby, but it has always been a fantasy of mine since middle school because I went skating every weekend. But if I did (just for fun, it would be in Greensboro NC. And the name would be The Carolina Diner Hotties. I work there. And my name tag says Hottie. I'm sure I could round up a team!

B: I've been skating recently and I realize that my rear end is not as light as it was when I was 14. Go figure. What I am so excited over with this video is the hope that I can learn myself in the present with skates on and get out there like I did before. Don't get me wrong, I'm still a fair skater. I would like to know my present body on wheels like I knew my teen self on wheels.

C:Cat--because they have mystical eyes that just seem to know...

Beary Organics said...

I do not do roller derby, but I love to roller skate.

It looks like more fun than most workout videos, so maybe I'll do it, or maybe I'll just bust my ass doing it.

My dog Bruce is the greatest animal ever. Big Foot is cool too.

Anonymous said...

A- I am a derby girl! I skate with the Bleeding Heartland Rollergirls in Bloomington, IN. I would tell you my name, but since I just started skating in August it hasn't been added to the main roster yet, and I don't want anyone stealing it. I'll tell you as soon as it is officially mine!

B- Since I've started playing derby, I've noticed how much more I need to work on my core to be able to hit more effectively. The trailer shows a lot of excersizes we already do, plus some extra, so I'm really excited about finding something that can help me get stronger so I can hit harder!

C- I always get stumped at this question...when I was little I wanted a monkey...then a pig...then a ferret...then a rat...I just like all animals, and if I could afford them I would have as many different types as possible. But at the moment, I am most jealous of people who have chinchillas, they're just so soft!