Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

Here in the states, today is Memorial Day! As far as a holiday celebration goes, this means no work... and cookouts! Preferably on the beach. But beach or not, bbq is in order. And of course we all know it's easy as pie to do a vegan bbq!

You can go the "traditional" hot dog and hamburger route; at this point there are a ton of great vegan products on the market widely available in grocery stores across the country. But if mock isn't your thing, no problem. Vegetables go great on the grill! Brush them with a little oil, shake on some herbs and salt and pepper, and away you go. Totally delish.

Side dishes? Who doesn't love potato salad? Macaroni salad? Tomato salad? Fruit salad? Now that it's warm, there's a hundred salads that will please the crowds and the palate. By my house, my darling husband has whipped up a giant pot of chilli - with which I plan to top my hot dogs. Or maybe just the buns! Trust me, it's awesome.

But we should remember that Memorial Day is more than a day off work, more than just about food. It is, after all, a day of rememberance. It is a day to honor all those who have died in war. Regardless of anyone's individual feelings about what actions we should or should not be partaking in, or how the military is being handled, what cannot be denied is that many have given their lives. And so for these people, and for their families who remember them on this day, I say - however this is chosen to be interpreted - Support Our Troops.

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Cassie said...

oh, states...
Memorial Day is wonderful!