Wednesday, October 12, 2011

How about some "milk" chocolate? Meet NO Whey Candies!

For some people, milk chocolate is just where it's at. However, as conscious consumers we know that milk is the pits, and that companies like Hershey's and Mars are NOT the cat's meow. Enter NO Whey Candies! This shop has been kicking around the team for a while now, but they've really never gotten a proper introduction. This is one shop, though, that you want to know about! Because milk chocolate lovers who shun all things dairy can rejoice. Below, Stacie shares the NO Whey story and divulges the details of their delicious treats...

When my brother became vegan he said he could eat this way forever but he had to have milk chocolate. My mom came up with an alternative which satisfied even my picky brother! So we started off veganizing all of our old favorites, but have evolved into much more. The favorites these days are the Cranberry, Cashew Bark, and Caramel and Sea Salt.

NO Whey! Candies offers a healthier alternative to snacking. We have non dairy alternatives as well as gluten free and soy-less choices. Our ingredients use no hydrogenated oils and have no trans fats.We make heart healthy dark chocolate as well as a milkless “milk” chocolate in many combinations.

Our chocolates are hand made in a commercial kitchen. We are happy to speak with you about gift orders and adding our special touch to your events. You may speak to Ethel or Stacie Wernick at 216-544-3057 or convo us through our Etsy shop, NO Whey Candies!

Make sure to check out her "killer" kabobs - Halloween happiness on a stick!!

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Veganosaurus said...

Holy yumminess!! Those killer kabobs really do look killer!!

*running to fridge to stuff my face with chocolate*

I wish I were in the US right now. :( I want to treat myself to a whole bunch of stuff from Vegan NO Whey.