Friday, October 21, 2011

So... where DO you get your protein?

What's always amazed me about the protein myth is that it's most often believed by die-hard meat eaters - the people who, say, love a good steak (cow!) and see that as the ultimate protein source. It's also frequently thought that cows live idyllic lives, whiling away their days happily eating grass on a sunny hillside.

So, if all cows eat is grass... where's all that protein come from?

Well, cows' flesh is of course made of protein. And cows are meant to eat little else other than grass. The big secret, known by vegans everywhere? PLANT MATTER CONTAINS PROTEIN! What a revelation. And if we add this pair of twos, we get the following four: if cows can get protein from plants, we can too.

Personally, some of my favorite places to get protein are almonds, almond milk, bread, quinoa, and a variety of legumes.

What are YOUR favorite vegan sources of protein?


Jade said...

my favorite source of protein would have to be edamame beans! I eat them almost every day!

Ekaterina Trayt said...

Tofu, tempeh, all sorts of beans and lentils, nuts ^.^

Veganessa said...

soya products galore! soya milk, soya beans, oh, just about everything!