Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Holistically Heather's Holiday Picks For Today

It's easy to find Vegan Etsy items on etsy, just search veganetsy team (yes spaced out just like that!) Here are some of my favorites for today!

These ornaments by Myzoetrope are so cute, think this ornament is cute? Check out the rest of the shop for cute cards, and basic cute combustion!

This cute mustache pin is from PandaWithCookieand I chose it for Jessi from Vegan? No Whey! because when people are rude to Jessi at the grocery instead of flipping the "bird".... she just puts her finger up like a mustache and says "mrrrrrrrrr" It confuses the jerk and they leave us alone, its hillarious!

As the last mustache story was still in my head I found these little mustached guys from Veganosaurus..all I have to say is "mrrrrrr" mustaches please!

Last but not least is a super cute polka dot and skulls bookmark from ArtYouDreamAbout, the perfect little gift for the reader on your list!


melissa bastian. said...

Hee! Mustache!!! I love it.

Art You Dream About said...

Thanks for featuring my bookmark!