Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Vegan Craft Samples Its All In The Bag Giveaway and Sales!

Ok, It's All In The Bag-Vegan Craft Samples the holiday edition have been selling like crazy, keeping me busy at every moment, now is the time to get yours if you havnt already. 100% profits from each bag will be given to Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary in the forms of animal sponsorship and donation!

Each regular sized handmade reusable bag includes 17-20 samples and the small bags include 8-10 samples.

Some of you may have already seen the little interview with me in Veg News most recent magazine, also mentioning Vegan Etsy Team and other animal related etsy folks! I was so stoked when they contacted me, thinking it was because they got the sample bag I had sent them in August....but it was a bit odd to me as I hadnt seen it on the This Just In Veg News Blog...well low and behold that is not how they found Vegan Samples, because 3 months after I sent the package a tattered box returned to me. Apparently the USPS wasnt smart enough to figure out that I printed the postage at home, and sent it back undelivered months later, yippee....But no worries I sent in a new one, a holiday one, which was featured here, and Starrlight Jewelry was the staff pick!

Now its back to the drawing board, with only a few left to sell...its time to start planning the post-holiday bags, due out January 1st 2009!! Any interested shops are asked to sign up on our website. We would love to add new shops to our group, and find new friends as well! We have created a Ning community for past and present contributors to our bags, where you can come check out everyones latest sales, post photos, chat, post in the forums etc.

Now comes the latest with our bags, we are looking for the perfect logo design for our new handpainted/screened bags we will be releasing as soon as we find the perfect logo. I want to keep the aspect of handmade bags without working myself to death, it is just too many hours of cutting fabric and sewing to make every single bag by hand. So we will now be using premade 100% cotton bags,and printing our new logo on them! Where do you come in?
We are having a giveaway in our blog, you can win a holiday sample bag if you come up with the best logo design! Please check out the blog post for details, and let those creative juices flow!

Thank you to everyone who has contributed and made Vegan Craft Samples what it has become, all while helping animals! As far as bags go we have 3 international bags, a handful of regular sized bags and a couple hands full of small bags...they make great gifts, even for non vegans!

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