Monday, October 20, 2008

Did you know?


863 animals die every second

pigs are smarter than dogs and three year old children

more than half of the water consumed in the used to raise livestock

vegetarians and vegans live an average 6-10 years longer than a meat eater

In every package of chickens there's a little bit of poop

cattle ranching is the number one cause of amazonian deforestation

a meat eater's risk of developing heart disease is 50% higher than a vegetarian

they flavor McDonalds french fries with meat juice

vegans save an average of 100 animals a year

animals like cows are kept in dark, filthy rooms, then they are taken in a metal truck which usually makes the cows sick and then they are killed in the slaughter house consciously

birds and chickens are kept in small cages, they are also debeaked with a hot blade so they don't peck the other animals to death

male chickens are either gassed, or suffocated in a bag because they don't lay eggs when they grow up

when cows are done making milk they are killed

pig farmers cut off a pigs tail so the other pigs tail don't bite it off due to the fact of the small space

when chickens are done laying eggs they are also suffocated in plastic bags

Animals are fed drugs so they can grow bigger

eating one hamburger uses enough energy to drive a small car 20 miles and take 17 showers

cows are excellent mothers

sheep can recognize other sheep's faces and human faces as well

goats are very curious and playful, have individual personalities and capable of great affection and loyalty

goats intelligence is comparable to that of pigs and dogs

if you give an apple or a small ball to a group of turkeys they'll play with it

hens and their babies communicate even while the chick is still in the egg

cows must be pregnant in order to give milk, they are artificially inseminated and confined in one stall where they have to stand in their own urine and feces

fish grow underwater algae gardens

to get milk out of cows farmers use electrical machines and usually the cows bleed and pus comes out so that's usually what you're drinking

mad cow disease is in the united states

fishing hurts. imagine a hook is stuck through your lips and you are being pulled up rapidly.... Pain right?

baby cows are separated from their moms within 24 hours of birth

raising animals for food needs more than a third of fossil fuels and raw materials in the U.S.

Going vegan does more to stop Global Warming than switching to a hybrid car

the U.S has the highest upper limit of milk pus concentration in the world


Brandi said...

Awesome factoids! Many seem so basic, but I believe so many people don't take the time to think about these things, have never been exposed to the truth or refuse to acknowledge these facts.

HELD Vegan Belts said...

Yeah- super fabulous compilation. Thanks. Hey new Vegan Radio and Vegan Freak podcasts just came on iTunes! They reminded me to stay on top of the flax oil for omegs 3's, I forget the oil easily.

Anonymous said...

Didn't the "meat juice" in McDonald's fries become a big issue a few years back and so they stopped doing that? I remember the Indian vegetarians were the largest group against this when it happened...

Emma's K9 Kitchen said...

It was a big issue, but I have no idea if they stopped using it or not. Even if they did, I won't step foot inside of a McD's unless if I have to use their bathroom.