Thursday, October 23, 2008


Vegan Etsy has had quite a bit of publicity since it first formed in February 2008! If you know of anything that isn’t on this list, please send it to Melissa Bastian.

Vegan Etsy Blog Ring- our members blog about the team a lot!

The Storque

Cruelty Free Etsy

Etsy for Animals

Vegan Radio, Show #58

Veg News Magazine, July/August 2008 and November/December 2008 issues

Vegan Freak Radio, Show #97

Leafy Green


Serious Eats

Vegan Soapbox

Post Punk Kitchen

Preraphaelite Punk

Farm Sanctuary's Fall 2008 Newsletter


Jumbleberry Jam

Vegetarian Times- January 2009 issue

Vegetarian Women- they featured us on their front page, Holiday Bargains and blog.

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