Friday, October 3, 2008

New features & reminders

Starting this Sunday, we'll have a new feature on this blog. On the top of the right hand sidebar, we will have a "Member of the week". The member that is being featured will have their etsy mini there for one week and they will get to choose the next week's featured member, but there is one catch. The person they choose must be an active member, which means that they have to participate in the team in at least some small way that benefits the team and it's members. If you have a question about it, please see this thread.

We also have another post section, ISO Requests ("in search of"). If someone is looking for something in particular, all you need to do is send me a convo through my shop, and I'll post it here as well as on our message board under this thread. This is for non-members as well as members! When you convo me, please send me a small write up about what you're looking for, including details and how to contact you.

There are two deadlines coming up that I would like to remind all members about. I will be listing our team sampler packs in our shop around the 18th, so all promo items are due to be sent out to me on the 10th. If you need the address to send them to, convo me. For details on all of this and to ask questions, please visit this thread.

The second deadline is the 12th and that is for sending in recipes for the team cookbook that we are doing in collaboration with Cruelty Free Etsy and EtsyVeg. If you need details or help on this, then visit this thread.

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Jane said...

Hi Molly and fellow Vegan Etsy members -

Oh, I like the idea of the new "Member of the Week" feature! Sounds like fun and it will be great exposure for the team, and of course for the shop and items to the member selected for each week. Great idea!

Also, where can I find more info about about "team sampler packs". I don't recall reading about that before, but it sounds interesting and so I was wondering what that's all about and where I can find more info regarding it. Thanks!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone :)

- Jane