Friday, March 6, 2009

The Great Vegan Etsy Giveaway #2

The Great VeganEtsy Give Away #2

•Friends Not Food•

• Blog Spot Account With Contact Information.
please have an email or website for us to contact you through otherwise we will not be able to reach you when your name is drawn for the prize.

How To Play:
• go to and search for items that are tagged with VEGANETSY TEAM that promote love for animals that are commonly seen as food. In a comment to this post, put which item you chose and why.

• I choose {link} because pigs are often thought of as disgusting and unworthy of compassion and friendship. It symbolizes
that these animals are intelligent and kind.

• Each person can only respond 1 time for 1 entry into the drawing. Blog followers get double entry.

Contest Ends:
• March 19th

• Team Prize Pack
Team Prize Packs can contain Jewelry, buttons, totes, bath & body, store gift certificates, books, recipies and more!


Veganism is for Lovers said...

I chose Swimming with the Fishes Earrings(
because they're a lovely alternative to the simple silver fish earrings-or worse, fishbone earrings that we've all seen at some point. The blue beads represent water, I just think it's really neat that Aimme thought of that. Fish belong in water (rather than on plates, or hanging from lines) and you can explain that just by wearing these earrings which will attract compliments and curiousity, for sure.

Brandi said...

This may be a stretch...but I love the vegan dog treat cookbook! It is an awesome way of getting some vegan goodies into my lil guy's belly. He will not touch vegan dog food, but loves treats. Here is how I justify my pick: this brings awareness to just what is in dog food/treats that makes it not vegan. Then you can start to think where these animals came from that your dog is eating.

veganessa said...
Frog Lavender Lullaby Pillow Organic. Frogs looking happy and free, not being served as frog legs in a fancy French Resaurant. Also the lavender pillow promotes calmness and wellbeing and happy thought is lilypads and ponds, where the frogs are alive and well.

Emma's K9 Kitchen said...

I love this necklace because it was made in the memory of a loved pig that was a companion animal. Pigs are one of my favorite animals and I also love that the profits go to an animal sanctuary. Plus, it's absolutely gorgeous, just like pigs. :)

Vegan Crafts: items created without the use of animal ingredients, animal testing and animal processes said...

I choose the ducky card "snooklet" from aguavino because I think we often forget about the torture that ducks get in order to create foie gras. Ducks and goose are force fed to create this "delicacy" that many animal lovers tend to forget about
it is really a horrific act, so I definately vote for this cute little ducky card

B.A.D. said...

I chose Healing Heart

I heart Pitbulls pins (
Because the pins are adorable and help to spread a useful message. Pitbulls and other breeds are victims of undeserved hate and persecution for the way they are treated by their owners. These are some of the sweet dogs, who overcome great tragedies in rehabilitation and still face unjust treatment and misinformed laws/legistration. They are actually being banned in cities, provinces and the issue needs to be addressed.

Erin, maker of chimes said...

Vegetarian Like Me Moo Cow Organic Toddler Tee
I chose this b/c it's cute onsie that makes quite a statement! It'd be perfect way to bring "vegan" into conservation with those admiring the cute baby :)

TiLT said...

I chose This Little Piggy Recycled Vinyl Cuff by jackrandomart because, could you possible want a slice of bacon after looking at that cute face!

contact tiltcreations(at)gmail(dot)com

item link:

renee said...

I choose mvegan5's kissing cow cards:

because it shows how cows can and do feel emotion too! Plus a portion of the profits goes right to helping animals.

Kelle's Kitchen said...

I chose the 3 friends card: .

The display of togetherness between the bunnies and chickens shows the spirit of these animals that are sometimes considered "dinner". I have a bunny (I used to have two!), and seeing how cuddly and full of life they are makes me wonder how anyone could eat a rabbit.

My shop is , I can be contacted there through convo!

ikkinlala said...

The 3 Turkey Cards ( show that turkeys aren't ugly and that a "Turkey Dinner" isn't a holiday meal.

Aimee said...

I chose the Puppy's labradorite necklace:
Although I am a lover of ALL animals, I think the puppy charm will attract attention and start conversations. Basically leading to...if you wouldn't eat your dog, why would you eat any other animal??
Thanks so much!
sierranelsby (at) gmail (dot) com

Anonymous said...

I choose

because I aim at changing my life to be completely vegan.

thanks for the opportunity

luz said...
love is why i do what I do,

Five O'Clock Somewhere said...

My dog would love to wear it, and she doesn't want to hurt her friends :-)

Aleda said...

I chose the Farm Sanctuary Cow earrings ( First, they're really cute in and of themselves, and how could you eat something with such a cute face? Also, the artist donates a portion of the profits to the Farm Sanctuary, which is both a cool thing to do and quite fitting for the earrings.

craftyvegan said...

I chose the Vegan cranberry serving bowl with stars made by vegandish. This would be a great way to say animals are not food when displaying this serving dish at a potluck. The words vegan written around the dish and the yummy vegan food put inside would allow non-vegans to see that vegan food can be tasty.

Cristina said...

I choose the Vegetarian Like Me Moo Cow Organic Toddler Tee because it features a cow, one of my favorite animals. Even though they are highly intelligent animals, they are often misrepresented as being simpleminded. I also like that this is a shirt for a child, reinforcing the importance of teaching children empathy towards animals.

mvegan said...

Thank you to all who spoke about my creations, that makes me so happy to spread animal love to all! ;0)
I chose because chickens are my friend, not my food! I have a baby chick w/a halo tattoo on my back to symbolize my commitment to the animals and veganism. One of the first triggers to my switching from veg to vegan was seeing the male baby chicks "thrown away" as a byproduct of the egg industry, this makes me so so sad. Its so exciting to me to use art/creations to spread the word of veganism in a positive manner! Its fabulous being a part of this group of vegan Etsyians w/a similar goal! Michele

Jane said...

I chose Flight Of The Fallen - Neo - Victorian Gothic / Lolita Black Rose Wing Necklace ( because to me it represents a memorial to the many birds that are hunted, abused, and eaten, and a reminder of how little has been done to stop it.

Tumbleweed Trails said...

I chose: Buy 3 and Save Luxury, Artisan Soap (Handmade, Handcrafted Cold Process Soap because it is vegan PETA certified cruelty free. It maes me thing about years gone by when my grandparents and how pigs were used, unessessarily, to make other products i.e. lard for soap. When I was young the farm pigs were my pets. They would follow me everywhere and just loved for me to pet them.

Ariel said...

Vegan Cookout Print:
Why? Because I love sharivn food with my friends and having gatherings. My favorite thing about doing this is that my non vegan friends realize that vegan food is tasty!