Sunday, March 1, 2009

Interview With Choco-A-Go-Go

Today's interview is with Choco-A-Go-Go.

What kinds of items do you sell in your shop and what inspired you to start creating them?

I make all sorts of vegan chocolates! I like to have the classics, but I really like exploring and pairing up "strange" flavor profiles. I stick to just pure chocolate by itself, which will never get boring. I love making it and experimenting with it. As long as there is a smile when you see and eat the my chocolate, that's all I strive for =)I started with my love of cooking and focused it to confections and then that streamlined to specifically chocolate.

Do you sell your items outside of etsy, either online or in retail shops?

I have a website, and also sell at the local college business offices and by word of mouth. Have even done a couple weddings!
Do you have any future plans for your shop?

I'm working towards having my own store front. And also eventually being 100% organic and free-trade, working one-on-one with the farmers.

What kinds of hobbies and interests do you have?

Food, cooking, and eating is the love of my life, and I even have a food blog (! My pantry is filled with crazy food to try. I love traveling, music & movies, Cleveland Cavaliers, letterboxing, surfing, video games, window shopping, Zen Buddhism, and Eastern cultures (I lived in Japan for 2+ years). I love making things with my hands too(food, art, gardening, building shelves...)! The list goes on!

Do you have any animal companions?

3 cats: Zeus (Ragdoll), Tilly (Turkish Van), Kashmir (all black). And 1 dog, Christine (German Shepherd/Greyhound mix). All of them are rescues.

How long have you been vegan and what made you go vegan?

I've been vegan since May 2001. I was vegetarian for 4 years prior and went to a sort-of DIY-Anarcho weekend retreat and knew I couldn't go on living the way I was, knowing how animals are treated. With such a love for animals, I knew this was a perfect fit for me.

What are your favorite foods?

I could eat avocado sushi everyday! My other absolute favorites are Japanese curry udon, Israeli couscous, and I've recently been obsessed with Singapore noodles. Mexican & Indian food, mac & cheeze, pierogi, and all desserts will always be my weak spots!

The Veganetsy team has been nothing short of amazing rallying people together, gaining support and even getting exposure in magazines! What other Etsy team is doing that!? It makes me so happy that vegans as strangers can come together and have that sense of comradery. Brings such hope to all of us! Thank you team leaders!


mvegan said...

Wow, I want to eat these pictures... yum! ;0) Wonderful!!! I love avocado sushi too... and helped rescue a homeless kitty I named Zeus! I love Vegan Etsy !!!! Michele, mvegan5

jojonono said...

It is so pretty. I wish I had seen these before valentine's day.

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