Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Great Vegan Etsy Give Away 5

Every month, or even Bi-Monthly sometimes, the VeganEtsy Team hosts a give-away challenge that awards a prize pack of vegan samples from it's team members.

Fun With Food!

Start: Now

End: Thursday July 23rd

• Go to Etsy.Com and search for items that are tagged with VEGANETSY TEAM. Look for any and everything that is Food or Food related!

• Respond to this post with the link of the item you picked and a short quip about why you picked it.

• Each person can only respond 1 time for 1 entry into the drawing. Blog followers get double entry.

• All contestants will be assigned a number. These numbers will be placed into a random generator at the end of the contest to determine the winner.

• Please note you must have contact information!
If you do not have any contact information in your user profile, please leave a email that you can be contacted through to inform you of your winnings.

This contests prize grab bag is sponsored by:

The VeganEtsy Team
Inc. Greetings
Late July Photography
Uber Duper Creations
Saving Estelle
Starrlight Jewelry -&- Designs
Pink Bubble Designs
Strange And Violent
Bright Design
Threaded Smiles


Anonymous said...[]=tags&includes[]=title

cause I like robots! Especially vegan robots.

mairedodd said...

because this is what my 17 yr old daughter tells friends when she is questioned about our vegetarian lifestyle (tho most kids think it's cool)... she is obsessed with zombies and we even have a plan in case there is an outbreak! thank the zombie survival guide for that! :0) couldn't pick from the food - i love all of it!

Novice Urban Gardener said...[]=tags&includes[]=title

I love buttons, I love feminists...I love the combination!

melissa bastian. said...

They're donuts. They're vegan. AND THEY'RE FREAKIN RAINBOW STRIPED. Need I say more?

Y'all know where to find me. :)

Sarah said...[]=tags&includes[]=title

I chose these because they're gorgeous, they look delicious, and I think I'm going to buy some!

popartpastry said...[]=tags&includes[]=title

Cooking With Compassion Cookzine from UberDuperCreations is a super cute zine and all the proceeds go to Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary.

It's All In The Blog said...
I choose sweet fritsy's dipped truffles
lets talk about delicious, i am pretty much addicted to these...good thing i havnt sold my bicycle just to get my fix.....its coming tho!

LadyFairbanks said...[]=tags&includes[]=title

I love cupcakes!! Especially pretty ones! :)

denise said...[]=tags&includes[]=title

These are darling! I love the color, perfect for summer, and I like how the triangular shape contrasts with the turquoise spheres.

denise said...

I follow.

mvegan said...[]=tags&includes[]=title

These are adorable, so unique, custom yummy looking animal friendly cupcakes... it doesn't get better... I luv Vegan Etsy!!! ;0) Michele, mvegan5

sam said...[]=tags&includes[]=title

I chose Tripe Threat cookies from KT's Kitchen. I love chocolate and these cookies are the chocolateiest! Really, they are amazing!

Valerie said...

I'm picking Sweet Fritsy's cheesecake chocolates as they relate to two of my favorite treats---cheesecake AND chocolate. There couldn't be a better combination!

"valerietyler" on etsy

Chris said...

Who could resist a vegan cookie mystery box? Fun and innovative idea![]=tags&includes[]=title

kelly said...

Wholesome and delicious.

Porcelain Monkey said...[]=tags&includes[]=title

chosen because, even though i never realized it, this is indeed how i perceive my silverware.

BurnMeIntoStars said...

I chose these hot wings because they helped me a few weeks back to convince my boyfriend to go vegan. I had been looking through the shop and he thought they were actual chicken hot wings!

I also follow this blow =)

plantinlilacs said...[]=tags&includes[]=title

I just think they are so cute, and i've never had champagne chocolates before they look so yummy!

Mary said...[]=tags&includes[]=title

This sounds like it smells absolutely delicious! I would wash myself in this, and then I'd be craving fruit all day! I love the color too. Beautiful.

Cicadasong said...

I have the My Dear Marzipan lip balm and use it daily. I will need to get another soon. I think this time I'll also get Pomegranate Martini as well.

Anonymous said...

Perfect to include my fave recipes in and pass them on as gifts to vegan-curious friends and family members :) They are quite adorable...I think I will go bake some cupcakes!! yum, lol said...[]=tags&includes[]=title

I'm a person who likes things explained in diagrams. This tshirt sums it up quite well.

djgray1200 said...[]=tags&includes[]=title

Cute little guy. As suggested by the copy I immediately thought spoon rest. The bird and bunny are nice too.

Vegan Soap Kitchen said...[]=tags&includes[]=title

i love these cool handmade invitations! what a great way to get your non veg friends to participate in veganism, invite them to a veg potluck!

jocelynkimmel said...

I chose this great tofu pirate pillow because Pandacookie has a great quirky artistic talent and because she is a fellow ppk'er!

crystal said...

I found this neat sounding Zine about Food Written by a Vegan called Vegetable,Vegetable Mineral.[]=tags&includes[]=title

I love the idea of Pitseel's Basic Seitan Recipe too...Mmmmm;)


Mimameith said...[]=tags&includes[]=title

The envy of all cupcakes. <3

*Rose* said...[]=tags&includes[]=title

I chose this as my favorite fun-with-food item because not only is it do it yourself cupcakes (which can be fun to make), but they also come with your choice of toppings or toppers. Gives a lot of options while still being vegan :] Not to mention it's reasonably priced too!