Friday, July 31, 2009

The Zine Scene

I love zines, all sorts of zines on all sorts of subjects, so I was very excited to see so many created by the talented memebers of Vegan Etsy!

Being Vegan is Awesome by Bright Design:

Peace to All Creatures by Uber Duper Creations:

Cooking with Compassion by Uber Duper Creations:

Vegans are Easy Issues One and Two by Holistically Heather:

Anywhere I Lay My Head by Bright Design:


melissa bastian. said...

Hooray for zines! Clearly I'm a fan... and not just cuz two of these are mine. *blush* Thanks Kala!

jeanette said...

I highly recommend Melissa's "anywhere i lay my head." Her writing is honest and straight-forward. I really enjoyed it.

And I look forward to reading many more zines soon and will definitely check out some of these others!

Vegan Mama said...

The next issue of Peace to all Creatures comes out at the end of this month!! We are now accepting all sorts of submissions :0)

**one small disclaimer; Cooking With Compassion is indeed sold in ├╝ber Duper Creations, but it is put together by the members of Vegan Etsy Team, Cruelty Free Etsy Team & Etsy Veg Team :0)