Sunday, August 23, 2009

A BIG smile from a little dog.

Here is Maggie. She's getting on a bit now, as her grey hair shows. She's a bundle of fluff on legs. She was brought home from an animal shelter. She had been treated very cruelly and didn't know what it was like to go for walks, or sit on a sofa, or run around. Those days are a long time ago now. Just one look at her happy smiling face tells me how secure she feels, and how much she enjoys her life now. My precious little Maggie is so cute. She likes to sit on my lap, facing outwards, so she can see the room and all that's going on. She can be a cheeky little madam when we're out, and thinks nothing of going up to big dogs and barking (well yapping really), then running to hide behind me. She makes us laugh.
A couple of times a year, I get her coat cut, as it's very unruly. She then looks like a little teddy bear, and it seems to change her personality, she behaves like a puppy. Maybe she's glad to get all the weight off her. I'll post a picture when she's next 'clipped'. The 'salon' we go to, is lovely. The people who work there are very friendly, and love dogs. And the dogs love going there. They seem to know when they are going there, as they jump out of the car and run up to it, tails wagging. Not at all like when we they go to the vets.
Ah, Happy Days :)


Johanna said...

Awww... I love Maggie -- she's beautiful!

veganessa said...

Thanks :)