Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Vegan Hair Products.

Introducing a new hair product that i found by accident, while browsing in my local supermarket. Now, I know it's not handmade or for sale on Etsy, but it is VEGAN and carries the certified Vegan Logo, and stated " tested on film stars NOT animals", which I liked :)
They come in small and medium sizes. I opted for the small, as I don't spend much on my hair products normally, and this was like a treat. I liked the funky bottles. I've actually never heard of Tara Smith before, but as a hairdresser to stars, why would I have?
Anyhow, I decided to find how good these products are, so I bought the Shampoo, Conditioner, Base Coat Serum, AND Top Coat Glosser. How's that for a hair splash out!
And so to the testing! : The Shampoo felt thicker than what i am used to, and didn't foam as much as my usual brand, but that didn't matter. It felt good, and luxurious. One wash was enough to leave my hair feeling really squeaky clean. then the Conditioner. Smelled nice and fresh, felt quite smooth. Then I towel dried my hair, at this point I noticed that my felt fell into the right style, with out me even having to style it. Normally at this stage it goes in any direction apart from where i would like it. I think I could have finished my treatment there, but since I had bought the extras, I carried on. Next I used the Base Coat Serum, which was like a liquid gel. It slid through my hair effortlessly and seemed like a nice 'extra'. Finally, when my hair was practically dry, I gave a light spray of the Top Coat Gloss. My hair felt and looked like I had been to a professional salon. Such a treat, and all in the comfort of my own home. I love it! For anyone interested in checking out Tara Smith products, here website is here and you can follow her on twitter here . I love the fact that she's been in loads of magazines, and is promoting Vegan products.
Tara at her celebrity ;launch of her hair products.


Anonymous said...

are there any websites to buy the hair stuff in the usa?
all i could find was the uk

veganessa said...

Not sure, I live in the UK, so I didn't think to look further. I'll look into it :)