Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pendants? ... We got them!

I love pendants. I like to have a good assortment, of colour, design, style. So that whenever I feel like wearing one, there's always one to suit. Veganetsy Team are a talented lot, and looking through some Veganetsy Team members shops, I was delighted to find a wonderful mix of pendants that would look good for many occasions. here are some of my favourites:
From the TheAwesomestPossum, this sophisticated black and silver necklace with scroll pendant.

This pretty Collage Pendant Necklace is made by FashionSplatter.
An interesting and unique message pendant from artbysusmitha.

A very cute Owl bottle cap pendant from JennyStench.
And this kitsch, cute oinion on a chopping board pendant by one of my favourite shops Pinkkis.

Of course this is just a tiny selection, and there are many many more wonderful pendants by very talented VeganEtsy members. For a fuller look at some fab pendants, click here.


melissa bastian. said...

Onion on a chopping board jewelery! I mean, there just can't be very many of those.

veganessa said...

I just bought it! I had to have it!