Thursday, August 27, 2009

Today is the greatest, day I've ever know! Well maybe the second or third greatest. I got a huge package of Vegan snacks from Sweet Fritsy!

So, we all know by now how much I adore Sweet Fritsy so when they contacted me and asked to do another trade, I was enamored! What did I choose? I chose the vegan donuts and the vegan peanut butter carmel cups! Soon after I placed my order and started to count down the days until delivery I saw these and I was inspired to ramble about them on my facebook page, in a post I made about my birthday wishlist.

Today was the big day, I checked the tracking number bright and early this morning and awaited the arrival of our yummies!

When I opened the box, everything was so nicely packaged and I noticed one of the boxes said "Vegan Smores Brownies" on it along with a sticker that said "HAPPY BIRTHDAY".

Oh joy, you have no idea how excited I was and how quickly I tore into that box. I didnt even think about the donuts and carmels until after I sank my teeth into a vegan smores brownie. Was the brownie all it was chocked up to be? Did it make my 27 birthday totally awesome? All that and more, the brownies are like camping with friends, minus the bugs....they are like seeing an old friend you havnt seen in forever. They are amazing! So much so that I was talking to a good friend this morning and he had to go buy his own, hah.

Along with my birthday wish coming true and getting those delicious brownies, sweet fritsy sent a nice birthday card and some yummy carmel corn (that came in a super cute box!). Totally sweet and made an otherwise crummy birthday, crumby! Sometimes my cheesiness even makes me wanna gag, so dont be shy about making fun of it.

Now you know I got right into the donuts after the smores brownies settled. So what do I think? Im not a huge donut fan, (Jessi insisted on getting them because they are her favorite sweet in the universe) but these donuts were great. They werent all greasey and the chocolate frosting was perfect, in fact Im counting down the minutes until Jessi gets out of work so I can eat my last donut! Never thought I would think that about a donut, but hey I've been known to change my mind about different foods (example: onions..used to hate them) I havnt tried my chocolate carmel peanut butter cups yet, I am saving them for a chocolate emergency. Which, lets face it, wont be far off.

Thanks so much Sweet Fritsy for such a great trade and making my birthday wish come true! Now lets just see if any of these goodies make it until my actual birthday!

Vegan tasted, vegan approved! HAH

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veganessa said...

mmmmmmmmmm, they look super delicious!

melissa bastian. said...

OMG Sweet Fritsy's stuff is so amazing! I got some stuff a couple of weeks ago, which I haven't had a chance to write about yet, but it was all so fantastic! I envy you and your sugary goodness right now.

Anonymous said...

come on over melissa!
im along and ready to eat the final 2 brownies
tho i think jessi might stab me if i do

come over so i can blame it on you ahhah

Anonymous said...

ose are awesome pictures!