Monday, August 17, 2009

Vegans in New Orleans?! Why yes, it's true!

Today I'm back in New Orleans, for the first time since early January - far too long, in other words. As you faithful readers may recall, in May New Orleans hosted its First Annual Veggie Fest. I was livid at not being able to attend, but me and several other Vegan Etsy team members were at least able to send some contributions down and show some love.

Well, I've been negligent in letting you all know how it went! But your wait is over. Here's a great little video put together by the event's organizers. As you'll see there was a fabulous turnout, and despite a good old fashioned New Orleans Springtime Rainstorm, enthusiasm for the veg way of life was rampant throughout the day. In New Orleans! Land of roast beef po boys and fried oysters! Behold:

Amazing, right? So... we're all going to make it to the Second Annual, right?

And, will I be giving you a full report of the vegan miracles happening at Bamboo Cafe any day now? Oh, you'd better believe it. (I just have to eat there four or five times first.)

Until next Monday,

Melissa Bastian

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