Friday, November 12, 2010

An inadvertent entry to the GVEG...

If you're on the west coast, or really anywhere in the vegan community (thanks to that there internet), you've probably heard of Food Fight! Vegan Grocery in Portland, Oregon. Food Fight! frequently designs its own wares, and one of its soon-to-be iconic logos is so apt to this month's Great Vegan Etsy Giveaway challenge that we just can't resist posting it here:

In all the many ways in which I have tried to explain my veganism to those who do not understand, I think this might just hit the nail on the head best of all... or at least in the fewest words!

Once again thanks to tha internets, you don't have to be in Portland to partake of their wonders; the website is fully stocked and functional (and often hilarious!). So swing by and pick up a tote - and maybe some white chocolate chips for your Thanksgiving baking? ;)

Happy VeganMoFo Day 12!