Sunday, November 14, 2010

Seriously though, what am I cooking for Thanksgiving?

OK, the big day is less than two weeks away! We are cooking for friends, and we still haven't nailed down a menu. This is getting a little silly.

In an effort to not drive ourselves completely nuts, as we are prone to do, I'm voting that we not try to cook ourselves into oblivion instead and get something pre-made for the main course. Last year we tried to more or less make our own Tofurky loaf thing. It was interesting, but did not to exactly what the recipe claimed it would. And it was complicated! Let's just say that there was cheesecloth involved. Honestly, when there's mock meat involved, I am perfectly content to let someone else do the creating. Though there's a very good chance that we will embellish!

Contenders include the Tofurky Feast, the plain old Tofurky Roast (which I believe is what comes in the Feast - it just also includes other stuffs), and the Field Roast Celebration Roast. Anybody tried either of these? I'd love to hear some firsthand opinions. Everything we've tried from Field Roast has excellent flavor, but how does it hold together? Inquiring minds want to know.

Then, there are sides. There must be sides!!

Last year I made a cream of oyster (mushroom) soup, and if I do say so myself it was freaking amazing. Too bad I have no idea how I did it! I could probably figure it out. But the question remains of whether to soup or not to soup. But, you know, everyone loves soup... And I do make a mean curried butternut squash...

Of course there will be something made from potatoes. WE MUST HAVE POTATOES! But what shall I do with them? I could just chop them up and bake them with some salt and pepper and rosemary. Because let's face it people, potatoes are delicious. But I could also slice them into thin rounds and then stack them into muffin tins, seasoning as I go, and bake them thus, resulting in crazy stacks-of-rounds! And then there's the mashed-or-smashed approach. Or... perhaps... a shepherd's pie? Oh my.

Now, something deep down inside of me wants there to be an object of macaroni-and-cheese like quality. But what if... what if instead of macaroni it were lasagna noodles, baked in layers in muffin tins with cheddar Daiya? Hmm... or perhaps a casserole of cheesy quina spaghetti?? My brain is exploding with insane ideas of cheeziness and starch. AND I LOVE IT!

Green bean casserole is a given. Jonathan makes it every year, and it is AMAZING. This has generated much interest, so if I can get him to give up his top-secret recipe (read: if he can figure out how he makes it without actually making it), I'll be posting!

Now, I'm sure you can tell that I'm a bit of a traditionalist. But I am rather fond of polenta. And so, I find myself wondering: do I need to make mini polenta pizzas? Do I???

And let's not forget the most important feature of the meal: dessert!

I want to make a pie... but what kind of pie? Definitely something with a cookie kind of crust - I have a recipe from, believe it or not, Martha Stewart's Everyday Foods magazine that can be veganized really easily for a press in pie crust basically made of crushed cookies. I'm there. But what to fill it with? I'm thinking of inventing something of the chocolate cream ice box variety - perhaps utilizing lots of coconut milk...?

There may also need to be cupcakes, and/or muffins. Because baking = happiness. Plus, I'll be needing to get my hands on some of Sweet & Sara's new Pumpkin Spice marshmallows, because Oh, My, Goodness, they are the magic of the season.

DECISIONS. Gotta make 'em. I know! I'll just take the next two weeks off of work and cook - I'm sure to have struck upon all the right recipes by the time the 25th rolls around! ;)


Kelly said...

I tried the Celebration Roast for the first time last year, and I LOVE it.

The local Whole Foods makes a sandwich that contains slices of Celebration Roast, and I drive out of my way to get it.

Needless to say, I'm going to be feasting on Celebration Roast for Thanksgiving.

kate! said...

Celebration Roast blows Tofurkey out of the water. Fact.

Also, for the pie, you could crush some ginger snap cookies (I think Mi-Del makes a vegan one) up to make a pie crust, add pomegranate or pumpkin for your filling. Yum!

Melanie said...

I've had both Tofurky & Field Roast and hands down, Field Roast's Celebration Feast is the absolute best.
Out of the packages it looks disturbingly meat like. the texture is firm and good and the stuffing in the middle is delicious.
You won't be disappointed if you try it.

KD said...

For dessert you can't beat a pumpkin cheesecake! It's super simple- less than 10 minutes to make and is perfect to make ahead. If anyone wants the recipe, just email me :) I'd be happy to pass it along!