Sunday, November 28, 2010

Just a few days left...

to enter our current Great Vegan Etsy Giveaway! Get those last-minute entries in folks!


Marla said...

Hi -

I am writing an article about Chicago-based Etsy crafters and artisans for holiday shopping. I don't seem to be able to narrow the field that way on Etsy. Might you be able to point me toward some? I am especially looking for jewelry makers. Thanks so much!

Marla Rose

melissa bastian. said...

Hello! You are right, Etsy does *not* make it easy to search by location. The best thing I've seen yet is the setup of the new Teams pages. For example, here is the Vegan Etsy Team page:

As you'll see, it lists all of the sellers, with their locations (if the sellers choose to list them) just beside. We have a TON of jewelry makers! However, even though we're all over the country with many international sellers, I don't think we have anyone in Chicago. :(

But as I suspected, there are Chicago-based teams! Check out this one:
I don't know them, but I hope that they are awesome Etsians. Good luck!

Marla said...

Thank you, Melissa. This helps a lot! I appreciate it.